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  • Internal Auditor

    Is It Possible to Audit the Internal Auditor.
  • Change classification

    criteria matrix for change assessment to classify the normal changes into 3 categories (minor, significant and major)
  • Change Management

    I am a new member of Change Management team. I don’t know much about this field. Can you please tell me more about the change management. What are the scope in future. What skills I require to be in this team.
  • Implementation steps

    I'm implementing a Certification Project based on ISO 20000, Kindly help on how I can use these documents for the effective implementation and which document particularly I can start with among the documents u shared
  • Statement of applicability

    Since this is the first time I’m going through the ISO 20000 in a formal manner. I have few questions. Does ITIL also has a statement of applicability like the ISO 27001 ?
  • ISO 20000 / ISO 27001 cost of implementation

    I need review information about ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27000, for implementing in my company. I need to review cost for do this.
  • Incident vs. Event management

    And Difference between Event and Incident management.
  • Incident Manager characteristics

    What are the Qualities of Incident Manager?
  • Major incidents vs. high priority users

    How you will handle major incident and P1 User parallel?
  • IT Operations Management

    what is the sub functions of it management function
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