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Audit Scope

Guest user Created:   May 09, 2022 Last commented:   May 13, 2022

Audit Scope

I have difficulty with the concept of "Scope" of an audit. If for example I have a lab that has multiple departments (Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Product Development etc.), each performing a different array of tests, could you provide some general examples of what the scope of an internal audit might be? Is it the clauses we intend to audit? Or the specific test/group of tests within a department? I'm just not sure of what Scope exactly is. Thanks for your time.
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Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.


Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.

Tracey Evans May 13, 2022

The Audit scope covers the requirements, area (department), activity and depth of what your will be auditing.

Your Internal Audit Schedule must over the assigned period, cover all departments, activities and all test test methods for which you are seeking accreditation. .e are all the processes, documents and records of information in place  to ensure impartiality, competence and consistent operations.

Then for the Scope of each planned audit in that schedule , you plan

  • Which department – e.g organic chemistry
  • Which activity – Internal Quality Control (clause 7.7.1)
  • What depth – all test methods that must comply with ISO 17025

The following will provide more information on Internal Audits:

How to perform an internal audit using ISO 19011 at https://info.advisera.com/free-download/how-to-perform-an-internal-audit-using-iso-19011
ISO 17025 document template: Internal Audit Procedure at https://advisera.com/17025academy/documentation/internal-audit-procedure/
The Five Internal Audit Procedure appendices Internal Audit Program, Internal Audit Checklist, Audit Nonconformity Report, Internal Audit Process Checklist and Internal Audit Report are available separately from the procedure link above; or included in the toolkit at https://advisera.com/17025academy/iso-17025-documentation-toolkit/
Clause-by-clause explanation of ISO 17025:2017 at https://info.advisera.com/17025academy/free-download/clause-by-clause-explanation-of-iso-17025/
The Book - ISO internal audit: A plain English guide at https://advisera.com/books/iso-internal-audit-plain-english-guide/

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May 09, 2022

May 13, 2022