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  • Identifying the risks and opportunities related to the environmental aspects

    Of course, I read with pleasure your articles which helped me a lot in understanding the new requirements; but there remains one point which I hope to be able to clarify with you and with your help.

    Of course, like many environmental practitioners, there is still doubt and misunderstanding about the notion of "risks and opportunities applicable to the EMS.

    I understood that the sources of risks and opportunities are:

    • environmental aspects,
    • compliance obligations
    • the problems and requirements arising from the context review.

    Now and from my understanding I must first:

    • identify and evaluate the environmental aspects to be able to identify those that are significant (of course with a choice of adapted criteria in order to have the hierarchy of the aspects)
    • identify all legal requirements applicable to the organization
    • identify requirements related to the context of the organization (pestel analysis)

    My biggest problem is this:

    How to identify the risks and opportunities related to the environmental aspects?

    After having identified the significant aspects, do I have to make a risk analysis on each significant aspect with another rating grid (and what will be the criteria to consider)?

    This is the only point that can not yet be mastered well.

    I hope that you will understand my questioning and that you will be able to help me better understand this specific point.

  • Smart objectives for warehousing and inventory management

    Please I'll be very grateful if you can assist me with SMART objectives for warehousing and inventory management. Thank you.

  • Become ISO 14001 auditor

    How can a person become an ISO 14001 auditor?

  • Aspectos ambientales

    Acabo de escuchar el webinar ISO 14001: Identificación y evaluación de los aspectos y me surgieron dudas, me podrias apoyar en responderlas?

    1. Se tienen que identificar todos los aspectos ambientales de la organización incluso cuando sea en cantidades de generaciones muy pequeñas? Por decir, supongamos que en nuestro proceso generamos acrílicos cada que se reemplazan los pizarrones (una vez cada 2 o 3 años) lo ideal es identificar que generamos acrílicos con una generación mínima o la identificación de aspectos ambientales no es tan especifica?

    2. Sobre los aspectos ambientales regulados por alguna dependencia gubernamental mencionas que se vuelven aspectos ambientales significativos y de estos debemos tener un control; mi duda es que si para estos tenemos que generar un objetivo ambiental con métrico como tal? Ya ves que en la norma en el punto 6.2.1 menciona que la organización debe establecer objetivos ambientales teniendo en cuenta los aspectos ambientales significativos de la organización.

  • ROSH requirement

    Hi, I would like to check if ROHS is a mandatory requirement for ISO 14001.

  • Monitoring and measuring reports

    I am writing up my monitoring and measuring reports, and am wondering if it is recommended to have a separate document for each thing, i.e. a document for monitoring utilities, another to monitor waste.What would you recommend?
  • ISO 14001 and EIA

    Is there any relationship Between EIA in pipeline projects and ISO 14001?

  • Life cycle perspective

    Can you tell me how to add life cycle perspective in ISO 14001?

  • How to implement ISO 14001?

    Good Day, how do you answer a question in an interview when asked how will you implement ISO 14001 in your organization?
  • Health Inspector qualification

    Does the Health Inspector qualification meet the requirements to with ISO?

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