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  • PESTEL analysis in ISO 14001

    I want to know how PESTEL is helping in point 4.1 of the STD.
  • Environmental Standard Maintenance

    If a company was still operating without an environmental standard, is there a need to look back to ISO 14001 of 2004? Or is it better to just keep the modern ISO 14001:2015?
  • Internal Autitor Requirement

    Can one be an internal auditor if they aren’t certified but are familiar with ISO14001?
  • Collect data for environment management purpose

    Value of accurate measurement according to environment management regulation

  • ISO 14001 certification in mixed-use projects

    Just have a procedural question about ISO 14001 certification. As a real estate developer/owner/manager, we own and operate six mixed-use projects in Shanghai. Do we need to certify each project separately, or do we implement a company-wide ISO-14001 compliant system and get one certification that covers all our projects? If the latter, will all 6 projects be audited?
  • Amount of non-conformances that an auditor issue after an audit

    Is there a ''rule of tumb'' for the amount of non-conformances that an auditor issue after an audit? For example, during audit 10 non-conformances were identified, can the auditor  issue five non-conformances and leave out the rest.
  • Consequences and Costs of not abiding waste management

    What are the details of the possible consequences and cost implications of employers and employees not abiding by legislation and regulations with regard to waste management?

  • Management Representative role choice

    Does the management rep have to be a full-time employee of the company? Or can a 1099 or temporary employee fulfill the role?
  • Including opportunities in ISO 14001 register

    I have the environmental aspect and impact register with control measures in places however I have been asked to include opportunities, please can I get an example of opportunities?
  • ISO 14001 and Fire response

    Hello i was wondering what 14001 had to do with Fire Response procedures? Thanks
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