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  • ISO 14001 compliance obligations

    We are manufacturer of high performance dies and steel tooling. we don't know what the compliance obligations are required for us.

  • Servicios limpieza y control medioambiente

    Soy gerente de una pequeña empresa de servicios limpieza y me gustaría saber más sobre medio ambiente y cómo puedo aplicarlo.
    Tengo un cliente que está implementando gestión medioambiental para ISO 14001-2015 y quiero hacer lo posible por cumplir con todo.
    Nosotros le hacemos limpieza en oficinas apostando por productos ecológicos y en almacén separando residuos (plástico, cartón ) que más podemos hacer?

  • Internal Audit Preparation

    How can I maintain objectivity in an internal EMS audit while I am the EMS implementor?
    Having failed my auditor exam, how do I know where I failed and what to improve on?

  • ISO 14001 as a legal requirement

    I would appreciate some evidence where i can base pushing my direct suppliers to work in getting the 14001 accreditation. as a group we require this for full approval but i wanted to know if there is a publication to show this is now a legal requirement? 

  • Environmental action, hazards and risks for oil and gas company

    How can I perform an environmental action for oil and gas company? and what are major environmental hazards and risks and solutions?
  • Surveillance audit guidance for a mining company

    To do the surveillance audit (audit 1 and 2) of any mining company. What can be the general objective to set, following the specific objectives? And what can be the methodology to follow?
    Thank you in advance for the guide!

    (Pour faire l'audit de surveillance(audit 1 et 2) d'une entreprise miniere quelconque. Quel peut etre l'objectif general a se fixer, en suite les objectifs specifiques ?  Et quelle peut etre la methodologie a suivre ?
    Merci d'avance pour le guide!)

  • Monitoring figures on management review

    Hi, I have made a management review but I forget to insert monitoring figures and I hade non-conformity. how can I solve this matter?

  • Lock-out Procedure

    Could you please advise how to draw up a Lock-out Procedure or better so when does on have to have a Lock-out Procedure in place?

  • 6.1.2.b Environmental aspects / condition

    We were recently audited for ISO14001:2015. one of the findings is with regards to environmental aspect & condition. our question is when can an environmental aspect be considered an abnormal condition or normal condition. example of our environmental aspect is the use of electricity of natural resources, generation of noise (stamping process), etc.

  • ISO 14001 requirements

    My question - Is there any requirement from GM ford or VW stating that the tier 1 supplier has to get ISO 14001 certification? and that is mandatory or not?
    Where is it stated that the tier 1 supplier company has to get ISO 14001 certification? 
    Please clarify my question?

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