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  • Risk Assessment Table

    I bought in the past the the Advisera - ISO 27001-EU GDPR templates, but  when I started using the Risk_Assessment_Table_27A_EN I found that the catalogue of Threats and Vulnerabilities is not enough and complete to manage a risk assessment in a good way. if there is a more detailed list of  Threats and Vulnerabilities ?

  • Difference between Risk assessment table and Asset register

    I would like to know what is the difference between the Risk assessment table and Asset register, please?

  • Vulnerabilities

    Hello Advisera Team,

    I have a question about Vulnerabilities in Risk assessment in ISO 27001: is it something which already has place, or something which could potentially happen in the future?

    I mean, in your example below, if we have UPS, fire extinguisher, and fire protection, are all those risks not relevant for us? So we don’t enter them in our Risk Assessment Table?