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  • RAG rating

    How to do RAG rating for OHSAS 18001 assessment report. please share example

  • OH&S opportunity assessment

    Are there any mechanism to be used for identifying and assessing the OH&S opportunities and other opportunities for OH&S Management system?

  • OHS Risks and Opportunities

    1. What is the difference between OHS Risks & Other Risks?
    2. What is the difference between OHS Opportunities & Other Opportunities?
  • Risk and opportunity in ISO 45001

    Risk and opportunity how to describe it in training session?

    How to describe oppotunity angaist risk?

  • Risks and Opportunities in the HIRA register

    Can u help me understand risks and opportunities? How to incorporate them into the HIRA register?

  • Implementation cutoff dates

    Please advise on the cutoff dates for the implementation of the ISO45001 & ISO22000 standards.

  • Inquiries on Transition to ISO 45001

    1. We are currently in the process of assessing our documentation in preparation for our transition to ISO 45001 from OHSAS 18001. What other documentation do we need to produce?

    2. Are Risk and Opportunity associated with OH& S the same with Hazard and Risk?

  • Integrating the ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

     I would like to integrate the EMS ISO 14001 system with ISO 45001. May I know any inquiry or sources for the integration?

  • ISO 45001 requirement for Internal Audit

    Is it a requirement that you have to be certified in ISO 45001 to conduct Internal Audits?

  • Requirements for tenders for ISO 45001 and 14001

    what kind of requirement we have to add in tenders for 45001 and 14001

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