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  • Implementing ITSM and Agile Methods Together

    How to implement ITSM and agile methods together?

  • Adoption of ITIL

    How do you sell the adoption of ITIL to businesses and IT executives?

  • Combine roles inside an (ITSM) organization

    Whom should I assign as a change manager in a small IT company? Could this function be within some existing employee/function according to ITIL?

  • ITMS Process

    How do we design ITMS Process for a product company whose application/software is non business critical

  • Valor y entregables de ITIL

    Cual es el valor que genera ITIL en las empresas.
    Cuales son los entregables de ITIL

  • Implementing ITIL in a Start-up - Major milestones

    I would like to ask for the majors milestones to implement ITIL in a startup?
  • ITIL to improve IT Service Management in Organizations

    Why do organizations resist leveraging ITIL to improve IT Service Management?
  • Metrics

    Hi!  What would be the recommended SLA for problem management?  Based on some reading materials, the problem SLA should be patterned after incident.  However, this approach would mean that problems will also be addressed as quickly as possible.  The promptness of incident SLAs might not be applicable for problems as there is a need to determine the root causea and apply the permanent fix (either through change or otherwise).  In other organizations, there is a stabliization/observation period included in the problem management process.  Kindly advise how to go about this. thanks.
  • Failed Change

    I want to ask about a failed Change. The activities were implemented properly but upon implementation, there were incidents stemming from the change. Will this merit an Incident Report submission, or are the actions plans taken, RCA should be covered by the Change PIR?
  • ISO 20000 Service Desk

    I  would like to have an idea about the transformation of digital service desk - I'm about to prepare a presentation about this subject, about Digital transformation Service desk, how can I do it? I work in XY company, ISO 9001 V 2015 and I'm a Service desk manager.

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