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  • ISO 20000 implementation benefits

    How do I convince the IT Team that this is a good thing and stop them doing whatever they want without any controls?

  • ITIL & ISO 20000 Internal interactions

    How can I generate more interactions between the management that manages everything and the front line of the people who do the hard and difficult work?

  • ISO 20000-1 Tailor | Waiver

    Does the ISO 15288:2015 scope statement provide tailor/waiver flexibility for ISO 20000-1 certification | gap analysis process and artifact development. 

    I may assume there could be an audit requirement for process artifact (s) when a contract does not require that specific deliverable. The contract organization has mandatory guidelines for their systems, tools, staffing, certifications and what the contractor is required to develop and deliver. Thus, tailor |waiver?

  • ITIL & ISO 20000 Implementation Steps

    What are the steps for implementing ITIL?

  • ITIL & ISO 20000 Implementation

    How to start, What would be the implementation plan, how to manage this project? Where to start, I am a new in this area and want to start my own ITIL consultancy firm

  • Implementing ITIL in SME

    How to start the implementation of Itil in a SME?

  • Processes and assurance in ISO 20000 and ITIL

    I wish to know how the processes and assurance in iso20000 and ITIL fit together to deliver quality service in the digital economy

  • SLA in ISO

    What is SLA in Iso??

  • ITIL drawbacks and how to manage them

    Hello i just want to know the drawback of ITIL and how to manage it .

  • Preventive measures and Incident report

    Need to understand the following - Incident Report, Machines for preventive measure, Preventive maintenance record

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