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  • ITIL Processes (Practices) Referenced in ISO 20000

    Hello, I'm a professional ITIL instructor and I am delivering an ITIL 4 Foundation course for a client that is pursuing ISO 20000 certification. I want to make sure that I emphasize the processes aligned with ISO 20000 2018.

  • ISO20000 - Design and Transition of New or Changed Service

    Hi, I am writing to understanding on how to apply the above process if a Business Unit is introducing a new Service; example Project Management, to its customers (both internal and external).
    Considering that we already in what areas of Project Management will be offered; Project Implementation; Project Transition; Project Transformation and Project Management.
    While I understand that at some point, some of this new/change of services may involve other ISO processes, like Change and Release, I would like to know is there a step-by-step guide in doing so; until it is added into a Service Catalogue.


  • ISO 20000 certification

    how many times does it take to get ISO / IEC 20000 certification?

  • Root Cause analysis

    How to perform a formal root cause analysis and use the output to modify existing practices based on the outcome?
  • ITIl and ISO 20000

    Can you please explain in detail about how to own and manage ITIL process to ISO 20000 standards.
  • KEDB

    I would like to ask some advice or guide how to create a Known Error Database. What it should contain? Do I need to have established process of Problem Management to elaborate the database? What kind of aspects should I consider?
  • ITSCM and BCM

    ITIL has IT Continuity Management for the management of technology interruptions, but there is also a process called Business Continuity Management that I do not know what framework or standard it belongs to, also my question is - if having IT Continuity Management would already be covering the process of Business Continuity Management.
  • Service Desk Manager

    I am about to be promoted to SD Manager. I have always been managing another team which is not related. Now I need to manage SD and I want to know what I should do to excel at it.
  • ITIL

    I have never heard the term ITIL, I've been reading. But I still have some doubts. How is ITIL developed? Is it a flow chart, is it a textual file? How to take it up?
  • IT Service Management implementation

    I want to know what the implementation of the IT Service Management System implies, what do I need to have?
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