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  • FAI's. When required?

    We build aerospace parts among other parts and perform FAI's. However some customers do not ask for FAI's where the ones that want them put a quality clause in place or specifically ask for an FAI on their PO. Am I still in compliance with AS 9100D if I do not do an FAI if the customer does not request for it?

  • How to become an AS9100 auditor?

    Dear all, thanks for all info provided, it is very useful. I would like to request guidance about training. Is there any particular order I should take training to become AS9100 auditor?

  • Root cause analysis help needed!

    We received a finding: 7.5.3 in AS9100. No process to document minor changes to a procedure.

    I need help writing my 5 why's to show cause and effect. Background: we had an external finding because we did not have a process for making minor changes to controlled procedures within our main doc control procedure. However, we do use an uncontrolled WI and log for the process and recording of changes. Yet, we failed to include this information in our doc control procedure.

    can you give me a good example of an effective 5 why's in this case that shows both cause and effect?


    Our HR department has updated our Time Clock Policy and Procedure document and we are looking for a AS9100D clause number. Our last revision on the document has a ISO9001 Clause No. 6.3

  • Aerospace Signatures Requirements | Release Engineering

    How many signatures are required to release and revise aerospace engineering (drawings) and what documents, document sections drive this?  Can a single person sign for a release or a revision?   Can a single person sign in two places? I have seen different things in different businesses and want to know what is minimum requirement and where the come from.  For safety reason seems like two is the minimum (with the correct skills).    
  • Listing Vendors/Suppliers

    I've got a little glitch. How do I list vendors/suppliers who do not impact production? IE:landscaper, auto, caterer, etc. How to put into IQMS and not have to send out forms for them to fill out to show the company is being ISO compliant?
  • organization have no work order since 2 years

    Dear Sir, I have a question "an organization is AS9100 Rev D certified but organization has no production since one year from any customer then how can compliance of QMS can be interpreted? How internal audits be conducted? How KPI be translated ? What standard say that if an organization have no customer since long time then how QMS compliance be evaluated?
  • AS 9100 Certification Body

    I have a doubt about the certification body, what does it mean? And for an aeronautical MRO which will be the certification body?
  • Multi-site certification and group certification

    If an international organisation has affiliates certified EN9100 in EU and AS9100 in North America, could it be possible to obtain a multi-site certification or a group certification?
  • Management Representative Role

    What would be the Pros and Cons of the Management Representative role being taken up at a little lower level in the organization such as a Quality Engineer?
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