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  • AS9100 Rev D Requirement Clarifications

    1. I am working in creating something called “SAFETY PLAN”. This will allow me to make evidence of points below, which is not easy. In our two companies, it will be a challenge to proof we are facing this. I need some ideas:
  • Need for AS9100 Rev D

    I have heard and seen in forums that 15% of business can be aerospace without AS9100. IS this myth or is there somewhere this is publicised please?
  • PDCA in AS9100 Rev D

    Is a PDCA Cycle a requirement of AS9100D? Do I have to do a PDCA and document?
  • AS9100 Rev D Document Review

    I would like your input on documents review and approval process. Is it acceptable if the document author does self review and approval of documents?
  • AS9100 Equipment for reference measurement

    The company has many machinists that are allowed to use their own measuring instruments. I would like to apply a 'Calibration Not Required' label on most of these. Would this be acceptable by AS9100 standard?
  • Different risks in AS9100

    What is the relationship with Risk Management as a policy and a Risk Assessment process for manufacturing processes? Clients have problems understanding the difference in relation to their production operation. Some have the Continuous Improvement policy within their QMS.
  • What is AS9101 Rev F?

    What are the differences between AS9101D and AS9101F?
  • Design in AS9100 Rev D

    If a company receives CAD models from a customer and builds drawings from the models to be used for the mfg of the parts and FAI, has the company gone over to design is this acceptable to do. Does the company have to have the drawings approved by the customer so they are still building to customer requirements and design? The company states they only build to customer requirements.
  • AS9100 RevD Human Factors

    Which clauses require PEARs?
  • AS9100 Router Configuration Mgmt

    When it comes to adding, administering, sustaining, documenting the changes around an assembly's router (or traveler). Is this, or is this not part of the Configuration Management Departments job to document this activity and speak to it? Seems to me that they would want to be able to control how router steps get changed and could potentially affect the product. Making sure the configuration release process includes not just the material configuration documented, but also the router steps configuration documented under CM control at the time of release? Meaning that for any given BOM material configuration baseline for a "Make" in-house assembly, also has its own independent Router Revision configuration that speaks to the major milestones of the build, in association to the BOM material configuration baseline.
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