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  • AS9100 Design Requirement Application

    1) A company has several sites all over the world. One site, in Sweden, has a design authority. They buy hours for design service from one of the American sites. This site has excluded the clause 8.3 in their scope. Should they? They work in the Swedish design system.
  • AS9100 Transfer of work

    The organization I work for sends material out for heat treating, plating, etc.…, but we DO NOT sub our process to another organization or allow another organization to send the product to our customer. All materials sent out for special processing is returned and further worked in-house. All work is also done at our one (1) location so orders are not subbed to sister facilities.
  • AS9100: Process risk vs operational risk

    What is the difference between process risks and operational risk, a clear cut understanding of RM for as 9100 rev D where we can easily differentiate between process risks and operational risks?
  • AS9100 Rev D: Material test reports

    We are currently certified to ISO9001 but are considering moving to AS9100. I am working my way through the standard and I am slightly confused regarding the section 8.4.2 Type and extent of control.
  • AS9100: Audit questions

    I am getting ready to do an internal audit and was looking for some assistance. I've established 4 categories: 1. QMS/Management Support, 2. Purchasing/External Providers, 3. Customer Order Review, and 4. Manufacturing.
  • Separating AS9100 and ISO 9001

    We are certified as and ISO 9001 and AS9100 company and have hundreds of active part numbers most of which are not used in the Aviation, Space, and Defense industries. If a part number is not used in the Aviation, Space, or Defense industries is it required to meet the AS standard?
  • AS9100 Rev D: Auditing of monitoring software

    For internal audit, should I audit software if it is used for monitoring?
  • AS9100 Certification process summary

    I'm looking for expert advice or consultation on AS9100D certification process, implementation, Training, Registry etc.
  • AS9100 Product safety requirements

    We are manufacturing the different types of connectors used in various applications like Aerospace, Military, Defenses, Marine, Commination's, Industrial, Railway etc. I am bit confusion by this clause because whether safety required at manufacturing stage of products or when those products put into the applications.
  • AS9100 and ISO 9001 certification comparison

    Kindly clarify: A company is initially certified to 9001. When it gets certified to AS 9001 Rev D, should it continue its 9001 certificate?
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