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  • Different standards for different facilities

    Our headquarters is for engineering, contracts, purchasing, accounting, etc. where two other facilities perform manufacturing; the dilemma is that the President feels we should only continue to pursue AS9100 ONLY for the other two, and ISO for headquarters. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  • AS9100 Record Retention Timeframes

    I would like to have a reference to know where to find record retention time for various documented information.
  • AS9100 Rev D differences from ISO 9001:2015

    About as9100 and applicable to what type of industries and what are the key differences or add on writing ISO 9000?
  • Application of AS9110

    Without a specific customer flow down, is AS9110 a certification that does apply to us that we should pursue? My research suggests that the AS9110 certification would be more for an independent repair center but I am still a bit uncertain.
  • AS9100 Rev D Requirement Clarifications

    1. I am working in creating something called “SAFETY PLAN”. This will allow me to make evidence of points below, which is not easy. In our two companies, it will be a challenge to proof we are facing this. I need some ideas:
  • Need for AS9100 Rev D

    I have heard and seen in forums that 15% of business can be aerospace without AS9100. IS this myth or is there somewhere this is publicised please?
  • PDCA in AS9100 Rev D

    Is a PDCA Cycle a requirement of AS9100D? Do I have to do a PDCA and document?
  • AS9100 Rev D Document Review

    I would like your input on documents review and approval process. Is it acceptable if the document author does self review and approval of documents?
  • AS9100 Equipment for reference measurement

    The company has many machinists that are allowed to use their own measuring instruments. I would like to apply a 'Calibration Not Required' label on most of these. Would this be acceptable by AS9100 standard?
  • Different risks in AS9100

    What is the relationship with Risk Management as a policy and a Risk Assessment process for manufacturing processes? Clients have problems understanding the difference in relation to their production operation. Some have the Continuous Improvement policy within their QMS.
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