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  • AS9100 and the marketing department

    How should the Marketing Department consider AS9100D?
  • AS9100 Rev D Record Retention

    1. What is the record retention period as per AS9100 standard? We got information that in some cases we need to retain documents for 40 years.

    2. In case of hard copies of records how should we maintain it?

    3. What is the other way for retention?

  • AS9100 Rev D additional purchasing requirements

    With in the last year I have became the Quality Manager at our company. We have a Purchasing SLP which was developed to meet ISO 9001:2008 standard. We have since been certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our company is considering adding Aerospace product to our revenue, so would need to be certified as an AS9100 company. At the request of our VP of manufacturing, I was asked to provide him information as to how the AS9100 Purchasing requirements differ from our established Purchasing SLP (ISO 9001:2008). Could this be explained in plain English?
  • Changing AS9100 Scope for new products

    I'm part of the AQMS Team of our Organisation which manufactures and despatches FG to AeroSpace Customers (Non-Civil Aviation) within India. We recently updated for AS9100 rev-D certification. We manufacture multiple products in which only one particular is certified for AS9100 rev-D.
  • Different standards for different facilities

    Our headquarters is for engineering, contracts, purchasing, accounting, etc. where two other facilities perform manufacturing; the dilemma is that the President feels we should only continue to pursue AS9100 ONLY for the other two, and ISO for headquarters. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  • AS9100 Record Retention Timeframes

    I would like to have a reference to know where to find record retention time for various documented information.
  • AS9100 Rev D differences from ISO 9001:2015

    About as9100 and applicable to what type of industries and what are the key differences or add on writing ISO 9000?
  • Application of AS9110

    Without a specific customer flow down, is AS9110 a certification that does apply to us that we should pursue? My research suggests that the AS9110 certification would be more for an independent repair center but I am still a bit uncertain.
  • AS9100 Rev D Requirement Clarifications

    1. I am working in creating something called “SAFETY PLAN”. This will allow me to make evidence of points below, which is not easy. In our two companies, it will be a challenge to proof we are facing this. I need some ideas:
  • Need for AS9100 Rev D

    I have heard and seen in forums that 15% of business can be aerospace without AS9100. IS this myth or is there somewhere this is publicised please?
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