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  • AS9100 Manual from a consultant

    A startup company formed to develop aviation parts hired someone to prepare an AS9100 manual. We now have the manual, but appears to have been simply adapted from another company. How do we know if the manual has any value for us?
  • AS9100 Counterfeit parts

    Do you have any information that is being used to identify counterfeit parts or any implementation sample of it?
  • AS9100 Rev D requirements for FAI

    I would like to confirm that we are only required to perform/complete an AS9102 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) when it is specifically requested/ordered by a customer. Otherwise, if a FAIR is not requested by the customer, we reserve the right to use the AS9102 as a "guideline" and create our own standard or means of recording the requirements met?
  • AS9100 Rev D transition date

    For AS9100 Rev D which is the last date for certification?
  • Root cause analysis in AS9100D

    It is required 3 why analysis for every NC as per As9100 Rev D or we can write Root cause for NC?
  • Should you integrate AS9100

    I manage a system that supports 13485, 14001, and 9001. I’m pursuing AS9100. With the new format for 14001 and 9001, I know I can easily integrate with AS9100. Because 13485 will continue to use the 2008 format would it be easier to create two separate management systems?
  • AS9100 Elements for distributor

    We are brokers, buy, sell, lease aircraft parts, components, aircraft and engines. AS9100 certified but I cannot understand how CM is related to us. In other words I cannot understand what's relevant to our organization and are associated with configuration management, special requirements, critical items, key characteristics, and regulatory and statutory requirements are.
  • AS9100: Integrating QMS and business

    How can I integrate business process with quality management system process? (Regarding article: https://advisera.com/9100academy/blog/2017/09/11/integrating-an-as9100-quality-management-system-into-business-processes/)
  • Transition of ISO 9100 Revision C to Revision D

    I want to know how to do transaction of ISO 9100 Revision C to Revision D.
  • Who can sign a CofC in AS9100?

    We are looking to prove how our documentation tech can sign on behalf of our company a C of C in the supply of
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