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  • Documenting QMS Issues in AS9100

    I would like to know if it is a requirement to document the companies external and internal issues. We are a small manufacturing concern, and I would like to have an example of a register showing external/ internal issues.
  • AS9100 Control of suppliers

    We currently have ISO 9001:2015 certification. We achieved this certification without conducting on-site audits of our suppliers. Instead we presented the case of "the proof is in the pudding. So long as we get good parts from our suppliers, who cares how they did it?" This satisfied our requirements and more importantly, our customer's requirements, because parts were verified / validated before shipment to the customer.
  • AS9100 Rev D: Risks, Configuration and FAI

    1. Is Risk assessment during implementation of QMS (6.1) & Risk management of Operational risks (8.1.1) is to be maintained as a mandatory documented information?
  • Product safety & continual improvement

    Please explain me about the requirement clearly on product safety & continual improvement
  • Safety Data Sheets in the AS9100 audit

    We were having a discussion about Safety Data Sheets. As you are aware, the format of the SDS was changed a couple of years ago. Therefore, are SDS now fair game in ISO9001 and/or AS9100 audits? I have two situations: A plastics AS9100 injection molding company who purchases the resin and processes it to make parts for the customer. The material is specified by the customer. SDS are received with the plastic resin.
  • AS9100 Rev D vs ISO 9001:2015 main differences

    From IS0 9001:2015 to AS9100 Rev D how much difference?
  • Auditor competence for AS9100

    As a trained ISO9001:2015 internal auditor, can I conduct internal audits on AS9100 rev D? Will that be compliant to the requirements of AS9100 auditing?
  • AS9100 Manual from a consultant

    A startup company formed to develop aviation parts hired someone to prepare an AS9100 manual. We now have the manual, but appears to have been simply adapted from another company. How do we know if the manual has any value for us?
  • AS9100 Counterfeit parts

    Do you have any information that is being used to identify counterfeit parts or any implementation sample of it?
  • AS9100 Rev D requirements for FAI

    I would like to confirm that we are only required to perform/complete an AS9102 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) when it is specifically requested/ordered by a customer. Otherwise, if a FAIR is not requested by the customer, we reserve the right to use the AS9102 as a "guideline" and create our own standard or means of recording the requirements met?
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