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  • ISO 27001 Beginner

    Hi, I currently work for a care company in the UK and I've been asked to research about ISO 27001 and how to apply it to the IT industry. I don't really know where to begin, and could use some help. I have been asked to do audits and risk assesments. What I'm asking for is a beginers guide here and someone to point me in the right direction for this. Any help is appriciated.

  • Service as a Scope?


    in the Scope Webinar it is said that software cannot be a scope, but a department can be.

    And what about a service? In our case, it is software support service, which we offer to our clients. Can it be the scope?

    Or in that case we have to formulate the scope as a department who performs the software support service?

    Thank you!

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS Document Implementation

    I need to write up a draft an ISMS document that meets the ISO 27001 requirement for an SME. Could someone please guide me on where I can find a template of one? Otherwise, can someone provide the headings that I should include in the document, please.

  • Compliance verification

    How do you verify compliance to regulatory requirements? It should be a scheduled audit or random verification of meeting criteria? Thank you for consideration.

  • Multi location certification

    I have implemented ISO27001 at a country level. The Global company was only an interested part as a shareholder. But now that has changed and they are wanting to manage the network at a global level.

    I don't know how to treat them in as part of this certification. Could you help with some advise on how to treat them?

  • Risk assessment and treatment report

    I have a clarification question regarding the risk assessment and treatment report. When is this report created in the process of the ISO 27001 project? Before or after implementation of the necessary controls?

    In the draft document it states that «The risk treatment was done from XX to XX.» (Risikobehandlung wurde im Zeitraum von [Tag/Monat/Jahr] bis [Tag/Monat/Jahr] durchgeführt.) Does this include that the controls are in place, or does this mean that the treatment plan etc. was created, but the controls do not have to be in place when writing the report?

    Also, it says in the draft document (Heading 3.5) that «after implementation of the controls the residual risks are re-evaluated» (nach der Anwendung der Maßnahmen wurden die Restrisiken bewertet). This implies that the report is done after the controls have been implemented as the process (on which is reported) would include the residual risk evaluation after the implementation of the controls.

  • Integrated implementation

    How can this standard be useful for implementing of other standards like ISO 27001, ISO 9001, AS 9100 etc.?

  • Evidencing requirements

    I have the next question. A customer of ours participates in a government tender. He must therefore demonstrate that he meets a number of requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. In total it concerns 200 requirements.

  • ISO 27001-2019

    First, please accept my apologies if there is a general email address to which to send inquiries, but looking through all the relevant correspondence I could not find any indication as to where to send questions so I am just replying here as you had specified in the email below. In any event, please feel free to redirect as you see fit and let us know if there is a specific email for inquiries moving forward.

  • ISO 27001 Objective measurement document

    I am looking for document for ISO 27001, Objective measurement. We have the toolkit and it is not there ,maybe we can get it extra?

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