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  • Annual calibration

    we have a laboratory equipment's such as viscometer and we need to do an annual calibration to certify it , and i am wondering if the third party can do that and can the supplier certify with IS09001 AND IS017020\.

  • Risk Management Requirements

    What are the missing requirements may be reported during auditing as major Non Conformity and minor Non conformity?
    How we can cover risk management?

  • Calibrating laboratories

    We manufacture measuring units for industry and of course we calibrate our instruments before we ship then as well later on. So we are a calibrating lab...
    There is a special 17025 part that is for calibrating laboratories... what is it called?

  • ITP and Welding Inquiry

    Do you have any ITP's for fabrication and welding available? I am looking for a couple of ITP's also ISO set up already.

  • Prioritizing implementation of ISO 9001 over ISO 17025 in laboratory

    Would you prioritize the implementation of ISO 9001 over ISO 17025 in the laboratory?

  • Calibration and Testing

    Is there any accreditation for a Calibration Company wherein rendering following services; 1.) Storage Tank Calibration 2.) Flow Meter Calibration

  • Is ISO 17025 needed?

    We need to do test that requires that they are doing under a laboratory quality management system compliant to ISO 17025 or alike standards. We are both ISO 9001and 13485 certified and my question is if is also needed to be ISO 17025 certified or is this covered by the other two?

  • Statement of of conformity

    Is it compulsory for the laboratory to have statements of conformity and decision rules.

  • Important parameters when analyzing samples in ISO accredited laboratory

    What parameters are important when analyzing samples in an iso accredited laboratory?

  • Medical Molecular Lab certification

    i work in a medical diagnostic facility with imaging, physiotherapy and medical lab processes, now we have established a molecular lab, which iso certification can i get the molecular lab certified meanwhile we are currently we are certified to 9001:2015

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