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  • Consistent operation of the Laboratory

    What it means, in ISO / IEC 17025: 20017, consistent operation of the Laboratory?

  • Procedure for documents and records

    I thought that a procedure was not needed for ISO 17025"2017 for documents and records. I don't believe they are mandatory according to the requirements but wanted to verify.

  • Assuring impartiality and confidentiality

    I'm looking at what rules to set in order to assure the impartiality and the confidentiality if the laboratory is working only for mother company? So the Accreditation is only for internal use.

  • Certificate of calibration

    If a new equipment didn't bring any certificate of calibration, can I use the receipt as first use proof for a specific as valid calibration?

  • Accreditation bodies for Lab

    Do you have any suggestion for accreditation bodies for Lab to accredited ISO 17025?
    What is the difference between accreditation bodies and certification bodies?

  • Ilac compatibility to previous versions and ISO 17025

    Hello, I want to find out if ilac g8:03 is compliable with ISO 17025:2017 or only with ilac G 8:09? Thanks for the answers.

  • Risk & opportunities for food testing laboratory

    I am one of the quality managers from the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, XYZ. Currently, we change the 2005 version to the 2017 version, so we face difficult new clause Risk & Opportunities. How can I do the risk actions to be taken and implement monitor and follow up action

  • Quality Manger and Head of Department

    How we can implement/ show to the assessors the improvement clause in ISO 17025; 2017 effectively?

  • ISO 17025 Accreditation

    Hello. I have a question regarding ISO 17025 accreditation for an in-house test lab. We operate a small lab within a larger manufacturing company in the aerospace industry. Some of our activities, such as equipment calibration, are handled outside of the lab, on the manufacturing side of the company. How would this situation affect ISO 17025 compliance? Our company does have ISO9001 accreditation. Thanks!

  • ISO 17025 questions

    Assuming that I do the heavy lifting like completing your toolkit program and making sure pre-assessment checklists are covered... Couple questions I have:

    1. IS this even possible with a 1 man operation? It seems like several processes require a few staff. Things like management structure, training documentation, impartiality...

    2. Our scope is extremely limited, and there really are no datapoints, 99% are pass fail criteria based on interpretation. How do we handle stuff like proficiency? Our 17025 scope would be ANSI/an accredited furniture testing standard furniture testing standards, a minimum of 2, maximum of 6, and they are all composed of the same procedures...

    IF you guys actually perform accreditation services:

    3. Assuming we have all of our pre assesment checklist completed... How do we determine an overall cost, and can you give me a fairly wild ballpark right now?

    4. What is the deposit and required steps to begin the process and pending letter of accreditation?

    IF you DO NOT perform accreditation services, do you have a recommendation?  

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