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  • 17025 accreditation

    I want to set an industry standard for anilox volume measurement , We have developed a fully automated , closed loop process that is secure and accurate i think ISO 17025 would be the correct accreditation

  • Is it mandatory to write a specific procedure for impartiality?

    Is it mandatory to write a specific procedure for impartiality?

  • Re-calibration time

    There is a debate about the recalibration date, we perform our plan on monthly basis & the auditor insists to be done by day, so the calibration validity ends by the cal. month which method is more accurate?

  • Equipment qualification

    I come from a cGMP background so DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ is standard for all equipment, but now I'm trying to set up an ISO 17025 compliant lab and am not sure if I need to do the same qualification. Would calibration and verification to make sure the equipment is functioning (using a lab developed reference standard, if CRM is not available) suffice?

  • Measurment uncentriy

    Can you help me to found more reference about Measurment uncentrity .?

  • Environmental sample handling

    What are the best methods and procedure on handling samples according to International best practices. Example waste water (effluent) and potable water)?

  • Verification and validation

    Dear Tracey,
    Hope you are doing well,
    Actually, I need your help to find the accurate and the most clear difference between validation and verification on the laboratory.
    I really appreciate your answer.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Properly implementing section 7.2 and 7.6 for a microbiological lab

    How to properly implement section 7.2 and 7.6 for a microbiological lab?

  • Sub-clause 6.4.2

    Good Day!
    Please explain further sub-clause 6.4.2 for our reference.

  • Quality Management Plan

    Hi, I am revising my Quality Management Plan to include risk. How specific should certain risks be detailed in the QMP?

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