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  • Impartiality risk assessment

    A non conformance was raised during the audit at *** – it was relevant to impartiality risk assessment. “the risks related to impartiality and the control measures taken to eliminate or minimize it were not provided” Would you have a template that we could use?
  • Equipment

    For each UKAS certificate I produce and issue to a customer i.e temperature calibration certificate, do I have to enter it into a log, if so what log would I use using your toolkit?
  • Clauses 4.1.5 and 5.4

    How do i put in place clauses 4.1.5 and 5.4 in the laboratory?
  • Rules on a laboratory notebook

    We have been implementing and editing the documentation to fit within our quality procedures. I had a question in regard to iso rules on a laboratory notebook. For example, when a sample is being weighed out, this gets written down. Is a laboratory notebook mandatory? Can the weights be written down and kept in an excel sheet?
  • Evaluating measurement uncertainty frequency

    I would like to ask is there guideline on the frequency to evaluate the measurement of uncertainty ? Under what circumstances that the measurement uncertainty have to be re-evaluated?
  • Method validation

    Full program for validation of fat determination, protein determination, fiber determination, moisture determination, Ash determination and aflatoxin determination"
  • Responsibilities of an ISO 17025 lab about informing clients if its accreditation is in jeopardy

    Does an ISO 17025 accredited lab have the responsibility to notify its clients if its accreditation is in jeopardy for whatever reason as noted in NEI14-05A (e): The customer must be notified of any condition that adversely impacts the laboratory’s ability to maintain the scope of accreditation. Is this type of statement in the ISO 17025 documentation or is it implied?
  • Query on ISO 17025

    "I would like to enquiry in ISO 17025 there is one clause 8.7 corrective action. If we are to incorporate the requirement corrective action in our procedure of non conformance SOP. Do we still need a corrective action and preventive action CAPA procedure ? As CAPA is a standard industrial practice, do we still need a CAPA?
  • Equipment Handling

    The ISO17025 states in Section 6.4.3: The laboratory shall have a procedure for handling, transport, storage, use and planned maintenance of equipment in order to ensure proper functioning and to prevent contamination and deterioration. The 17025 Academy toolkit, PR.08, 3.3 Equipment Handling, refers to this requirement. Will this section meet the requirement of having the needed procedure?
  • Accreditation of ETL lab

    Hello, we are trying to build an ETL lab. For the equipment to be calibrated is it necessary to be accredited calibration or standard would do? Thanks.
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