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  • Are employees of 17025 certified labs required to have transcripts on file?

    Are employees of 17025 certified labs required to have transcripts on file? Or would a diploma on file suffice?
  • Procedure on personnel

    I would like draw a procedure on personnel as per clause 6.2.5 of the 17025:2017 standard

  • Xl sheet

    How Xl sheet is used while ding measurement Estimated uncertainty using raw data(type A or type B)Sources

  • Pulverizing samples

    According to iso17025 how many samples can be pulverized in 10 hours for 8 min per sample?

  • ISO 17025 accrediting

    could you please me explain ISO17025 on the following main issue: I want to get accredited my company *** according to ISO17025 for analytical radiocarbon dating services. Is it possible to get accreditation, if our company do not have ISO9001, and do not have own equipment and facilities, needed for that service? But we have employed high-skilled personnel and providing this services for two years borrowing needed equipment and facilities (which meet needed requirements).


  • ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certification

    If a company has a lab, does laboratory testing and the lab is ISO 9001 certified, does that mean they are also ISO 17025 certified?

  • Working Instructions for testers under accreditation

    1. Working Instructions for testers under accreditation – is there recommended form and will we receive it?
    2. Is it possible to receive support for the structure of the Lab and it place in our organization chart – to be acceptable for accreditation body?
  • Should we go for ISO 17025 compliance?

    One question: we want to offer testing from our laboratory facility to, for example, the retail pharmacy sector (a previous clinical laboratory I ran was CPA- compliant (now UKAS of course).

    I went through the ISO options and determined we need to go for ISO 17025 compliance. Do you agree ?

  • LIMS validation

    Please let me know if you have templates for LIMS validation (Computer System Validation) as par with USFDA part 11

  • LIMS validation record

    Does this validation record apply for pharmaceutical industry. Actually we are planning to do a LIMS validation , can you help us with the same


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