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  • Preparing procedure on Meteorological Traceability

    Hi Tracy, could you please guide me on how to prepare a procedure on Meteorological Traceability
  • Chemistry

    is the ISO 9001 auditor can conduct the ISO/IEC 17025 assessment?

  • Applicability of sampling (clause 7.3) to a calibration laboratory

    Greetings! In what circumstances Sampling (Clause 7.3) is applicable to a calibration lab? My understanding is that if a calibration lab has a manufacturer (or bulk purchaser) of measuring instruments (MIs) as a customer, which requires a random sampling of products (e.g. thermocouples) from production line or a lot and asks the calibration lab to pick up random samples of MIs and calibrate them as a part of their quality assurance, then clause 7.3 will be applicable. In the normal course, a calibration laboratory is supposed to calibrate (within its scope) whatever MI is sent to it by a customer. Is my understanding correct? Another view is that calibration lab can apply sampling for its internal quality control purposes. For example, it can randomly sample MI calibrated itself and recalibrate them using another equipment/method/calibration technician etc. Is 7.3 applicable in this case? I would appreciate your view. Best regards and thanks in advance.
  • Mass pieces

    Hi, require information on mass pieces To verify balances prior to use
  • Lab signatures

    I want to ask if we implement forms which have three signatures, the QC specialist, technical manager and lab manager. if we want to add the fourth signature of Labs manager I. e manager of several labs, we can add it. is it possible to exclude the lab manager from the signature and add only the lab managers? This will affect iso 17025 or not?
  • Are test labs required to have certified lead and internal auditors as a requirement for ISO 17025 Assessment?

    Are test labs required to have certified lead and internal auditors as a requirement for ISO 17025 Assessment?
  • Uncertainty Measurement

    Hello - I'm interested in understanding whether there can be justifications for not evaluating uncertainty measurements as a testing lab. I understand there is the option not to report it unless relevant, but I'm wondering if it needs to be done at all. The testing that would be performed in my lab does not produce pass/fail outputs or those that meet a certain requirement/range of acceptance. They are typically to see how a customer material might react with a released product when run in an assay. Could we incorporate the risk process into this for factors such as user error, material handling, etc. and showing that they are in control rather than trying to determine a specific measurand? Thank you!
  • Identifying Opportunities in Lab

    Hi, how can I identify Opportunities in my laboratory?
  • PT/ILC

    We are official manufacturers of *** bags and balls our lab is going to accredited next year beg, We have all of our test specially finished goods test included into our scope but not able to find any PT providers ... And if there are only 2 labs that can provide testing as per *** and *** standards, Do you know any PT house which work for *** as i am not able to find any. Also can we consider our previous testing which are done between *** and ***? Thank you
  • Non-conforming work

    Hi how would you define non-conforming work and when can this happen?
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