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  • Assessing quality system

    Where do I start assessing my quality system? we know we need 17025 but need a gap assessment to decide how we proceed
  • Examples of Risk Management

    May I request your good-self to share a few examples of Risk Management to understand with more clarity and stimulate the thought process for total coverage.
  • Measurement uncertainty in chemical process

    my interest is the knowledge about measurement uncertainty in chemical process
  • Use of shall and must

    Reaching out with a question after the recent purchase of the Toolkit w/ Extended Support. In the ISO 17025 the word “shall” is used. In the toolkit procedures the word “must” is used in place of the word “shall”. Is the word “must” an accepted term by accreditation bodies? Up to this point, we are grateful for the purchase of the toolkit. With minor modifications to the quality manual and lab procedures, this is very effective and truly helpful to get us started in the right direction.
  • Can I perform blood testing in my LAB with ISO 17025 accreditation?

    I would just like to know that with ISO 17025 accreditation, can I perform Blood testing in my LAB.
  • Are employees of 17025 certified labs required to have transcripts on file?

    Are employees of 17025 certified labs required to have transcripts on file? Or would a diploma on file suffice?
  • Procedure on personnel

    I would like draw a procedure on personnel as per clause 6.2.5 of the 17025:2017 standard

  • Xl sheet

    How Xl sheet is used while ding measurement Estimated uncertainty using raw data(type A or type B)Sources

  • Pulverizing samples

    According to iso17025 how many samples can be pulverized in 10 hours for 8 min per sample?

  • ISO 17025 accrediting

    could you please me explain ISO17025 on the following main issue: I want to get accredited my company *** according to ISO17025 for analytical radiocarbon dating services. Is it possible to get accreditation, if our company do not have ISO9001, and do not have own equipment and facilities, needed for that service? But we have employed high-skilled personnel and providing this services for two years borrowing needed equipment and facilities (which meet needed requirements).


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