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  • Accreditation duration

    One question: once the ISO is finished from our side, how long does it take that someone certifies it?
  • Toolkit content

    Our scope including ISO 8655 for Calibration of piston pipettes and weights Is the ISO 17025 toolkit cover the procedure of the mentioned scope?
  • 17025 vs 13485

    First of all, thanks for having this platform, very helpful! My question is around how 17025 interacts with 13485. We have an ISO13485 QMS and we want to get accredited to ISO17025 for one of our labs, multiple in the future. Our core business is medical devices and 13485 is the heart of that, with a relative small part for calibration activities (internal use) where we want 17025 accreditation for. Would it be best practice to integrate the ISO17025 requirements in the ISO13485 QMS or make a separate ISO17025 QMS for the labs? Many thanks in advance.
  • ISO 17025 accredited labs and services

    I'm new to calibration and am looking for more information for my company's quality department regarding ISO17025 accredited labs and the services they could offer us. *** is a welding and fabrication facility, so we use all sorts of measuring and test equipment - from micrometers to CMMs. Are there any sorts of items that don't necessarily need to be sent out on a regular basis?
  • Preparing procedure on Meteorological Traceability

    Hi Tracy, could you please guide me on how to prepare a procedure on Meteorological Traceability
  • Chemistry

    is the ISO 9001 auditor can conduct the ISO/IEC 17025 assessment?

  • Applicability of sampling (clause 7.3) to a calibration laboratory

    Greetings! In what circumstances Sampling (Clause 7.3) is applicable to a calibration lab? My understanding is that if a calibration lab has a manufacturer (or bulk purchaser) of measuring instruments (MIs) as a customer, which requires a random sampling of products (e.g. thermocouples) from production line or a lot and asks the calibration lab to pick up random samples of MIs and calibrate them as a part of their quality assurance, then clause 7.3 will be applicable. In the normal course, a calibration laboratory is supposed to calibrate (within its scope) whatever MI is sent to it by a customer. Is my understanding correct? Another view is that calibration lab can apply sampling for its internal quality control purposes. For example, it can randomly sample MI calibrated itself and recalibrate them using another equipment/method/calibration technician etc. Is 7.3 applicable in this case? I would appreciate your view. Best regards and thanks in advance.
  • Mass pieces

    Hi, require information on mass pieces To verify balances prior to use
  • Lab signatures

    I want to ask if we implement forms which have three signatures, the QC specialist, technical manager and lab manager. if we want to add the fourth signature of Labs manager I. e manager of several labs, we can add it. is it possible to exclude the lab manager from the signature and add only the lab managers? This will affect iso 17025 or not?
  • Are test labs required to have certified lead and internal auditors as a requirement for ISO 17025 Assessment?

    Are test labs required to have certified lead and internal auditors as a requirement for ISO 17025 Assessment?
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