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  • ISO 9001 audit

    Hi there, please can you advise if you need to audit your Management Review Process, Internal Audit Process, Corrective Action Process and Change Management Process?

  • Quantifying perceived quality

    How can you make some features of perceived quality measurable and quantifiable?

  • Interested parties requirements

    I'm looking for requirements for interested parties in terms of a process. My registrar mentioned creating a process for interested parties and addressing risks associated so I was looking for related info on your awesome site.

  • Clause 8.3 - Design and development interpretation and implementation

    I need some more clarification in the clause 8.3 design & development of products & services . How to interpret this section and how can we decide the following clauses are implemented in the organization, which design development planning, D&D inputs, D&D controls, D&D verification, validation & D&D outputs.

  • Quality Objectives document numbering

    I have one query to ask that is that mandatory give to document number for Quality Objectives!

  • ISO VS ISM certification

    What are the difference between the iso and ism certification relevant to a ship?

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Integrated manual

    Does an integrated 9001 & 14001 system use just one manual, or do we keep two complete manuals?  I need to write the manual and want to do it in the most effective way. Not sure if I need an individual 9001 and an individual 14001 manual.

  • Clause 8

    I just had a quick question regarding the entire section of clause 8. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere! We are not currently dealing with customers, it is more stakeholder-based as we are a research and development company at current, but are looking to sell products in the future. We are struggling with how to go about interpreting clause 8 as most of this is about selling and customer satisfaction, could you please offer some advice on this? Thanks in advance :)

  • Identification and traceability requirements

    Could you please help me with a question I have with the requirements for identification & traceability,

    The new General Manager wants to change our current process for cost reduction on labeling; Currently we package product into totes (48 to a pallet) labeling each tote, then a master label for inventory as bulk packaging to the customer.

    He wants to eliminate the labeling for each individual tote and only use the master label, which we would then have totes without identification on each, only the pallet.

    Our inventory system would have traceability from incoming to outgoing with this process for lot control, but would I still meet the requirement for product identification if each tote was not individually labeled?

  • ISO 9001 implementaci√≥n

    Buen día, me encantaría saber como implementar un sistema integrado de gestión desde 0 .

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