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  • Sustainability and Environmental Management

    What would I say to the directorate and or business owner to convince them that sustainability and environmental management need to be at the forefront of the business? particularly when considering 2030 and 2050 targets.

  • Specific pharma industry question

    Detailed risk management Examples in the solid dosage forms manufacturing processes. e.g cross contamination & cleaning validation.

  • Will ISO 9001:2015 be updated until 2030?

    I have a question about the status of ISO 9001:2015 and whether it will continue to be in effect without any modifications or if there is a new version that supersedes it. Specifically, I would like to know if the latest version, ISO 9001:2015, will remain valid until the year 2030.

    Your clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it will help us ensure our compliance and quality management systems align with the current ISO standards.

  • Implementing Clause 8.4

    How can ISO 9001 - Clause 8.4 be easily implemented?

  • Quality Control Processes

    Without quality management system in place, what is the first step in developing a quality Control process as a quality Control officer in a government agency (with six different departments) responsible for monitoring and regulating activities of licensed manufacturing and service companies in a Free Trade Zones.

  • Procurement and ISO 9001

    How do procurment and ISO 9001 work?

  • Is it mandatory to use a consultant for QMS and should we request a certificate from the auditor?

    Is there any specific clause that makes it mandatory to use a consultant for QMS?  And also acquiring an Auditors certificate from a consultant? Even when we're not new in QMS certification?

  • ISO 9001 in Maintenance Companies

    Hello, the company is virtual, it maintains refrigeration systems or installs refrigerators. They want to implement 9001, my question is, how can I certify 9001 if they only do maintenance or do the refrigeration cellar?
  • Create a Performance Mindset

    What best leadership efforts and approach to strategy can you recommend for a business to create a performance mindset?

  • Design exclusion

    We are a subcontractor and we are doing a part of design and construction. However, we are not authorised to approve or validate our drawings of what we produce. So we are depending consultant for the validation part. We always exclude the design part since we are not authorized. what to do? Please advise!
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