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  • Applicable ISO 9001:2015 clause

    I have prepared Delay Monitoring Log in order to capture delay during project execution.
    I would like to know which clause states it is required to be documented.

  • ISO 9001 for R&D

    What does ISO say about R&D Processes where the organisation kind of copies existing products, adding additional features to better suit the customer. Does this require ISO 8.3 documentation?

  • ISO 9001 and service industry examples

    Most examples are about the manufacturing industry. Can you provide illustrations where the 'product' is a service?

  • Collecting customer requirements and clause connection

    hi I want to know how I can collect the customers requirements. Also I want to know how I can connect in practical the following ISo 9001-2015 Clauses: (4.1 +4.2) with (6.1.1) with (6.1.2)&(8.1) with (9.1 +9.3)

  • Design and development requirement

    I have a concern with respect to Design and development.
    Our company is preparing for ISO 9001 standard and this question is with regards to D & D. My question is as follow:
    We have an outsourced agency who does the D & Dfor us, so in this case, is the design requirement applicable to us?

  • Human resource procedure

    Wanted help on how to draw up a human resource procedures in line with ISO 9001:2015. Please can you?

  • Including working procedures in IMS manual and procedures

    I have a doubt , we are having a non destructive testing company..we need to implement IMS system..we have both IMS  procedures and method of statements ( working procedures) do we need to include the working procedures in IMS  manual and procedure.

  • ISO 9001 QA/QC documents and differences between documents, procedures and records

    What are the qa/qc documents means??

    What is the difference between documents, procedure, and records.

  • Section 4.3 ISO 9001:2015

    Curious what are examples of external and internal issues as mentioned in 4.3. section a) of ISO 9001:2015

  • Webinar questions

    I have the following questions that would like to be addressed at the webinar:

    1. what is the best software for vizualyzing process framework, and process maps?
    2. how or to what level risks should be incorporated into the process framework and maps?
    3. how to define process frameworks and separate process goal? 
    4. Is BPMN good fit for process modelling and communication?

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