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  • Early stage compliance

    When should an early-stage start-up begin structuring their processes for ISO 9001 compliance?

  • Excluding "Design" from the ISO audit

    Can a company XX exclude 'Design' form ISO audit and still be certified? if, yes should the Certs address this exclusion (i.e. to be noted on the certificate)?

  • ISO 9001 - getting started in a quality department

    How do we get started with a quality department?

  • ISO 9001 benefits and certified assessor

    1. What benefits will be earned by an educational organization by implementing ISO 9001. 
    2. Please advise me how to become a certified assessor of ISO 9001?

  • Final inspection

    I want to know how to do a final inspection.

  • ISO 9001 Audit question

    What is the most common question during an ISO 9001 Audit?

  • Elements for QMS improvement

    I wish to know the elements needed to carry out the continuous improvement of a QMS using the process approach.

  • Planning a remote audit

    I would like to ask you if I can plan an Remote internal Audit.

    What do you think about this, would be possible?

    Because of the Covid-19 Crises we still have to keep aware of safety internal rules.

    Can you give me some advice on how should I proceed in the case of a Remote Internal Audit?

  • Next steps following creation of QMS

    Question: what is the next step after creating a QMS? How long will it take for a medium-size company to be qualified and issues with ISO9001 certificate?

  • Organizing legalities and communication plans under ISO 9001:2015

    How to Organize the legalities chapter and the communication plan/matrix in ISO 9001:2015?

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