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  • ISO 9001 Audit

    Is it a requirement for the company to provide a training record of employees who joined before ISO 9001-2015 implementation for audit purposes?

  • Can the Procedure for Design and Development be applied in my company?

    At the moment I intend to implement a QMS based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard in my company, which is specialized in the sale of electronic products and provides technical assistance services. I would like to know if the procedure for design and development can be applied in my company? Although my company does not produce the products it sells.

  • Implementing the ISO 9001 standard for an Information Technology company

    I am working on implementing the ISO 9001 standard for an Information Technology company. They do not have any in-house manufacturing of equipment or hardware. They only offer IT services such as Managed Services, Cybersecurity, reseller or Hardware, a reseller of Software, VoIP, Access control.

    What clauses will be applicable for them in ISO9001?

    Also, do you have a toolkit that is specifically for the IT industry?

  • Applicable ISO 9001 clauses for implementation in a software company

    I am working with a company who develops no hardware, only ML based software. What are the mandatory clauses of ISO 9001 that apply to them if they need to go for a certification? No manufacturing, no plants, only software. What is the best approach for them?

  • SWOT analysis and management structure in ISO 9001

    I want to understand the frame/process that is followed in creating an ISO management documentation - are you able to provide a structure.

    Also I liked that a SWOT analysis is carried out.  Is a SWOT always carried out?

  • Clause 8.5.4 Preservation

    Can you please clarify what this clause means? what is required? how can I demonstrate compliance? 

    8.5.4 Preservation

    The organization shall preserve the outputs during production and service provision, to the extent
    necessary to ensure conformity to requirements.

    NOTE: Preservation can include identification, handling, contamination control, packaging, storage,
    transmission or transportation, and protection.

  • Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties

    What are examples of needs and expectations of:
    - Investors
    - Regional Offices
    - Management
    - Contractors
    - Consultants
    - Ministry / Government
    - Society
    - Competitors
    - Media
    - Suppliers
    - Regulators
    - NGO
    - Employees
    - Workers
    - Outsource
    - Association
    - MOPH?

  • Internal Audit

    This is my first time doing an internal audit on "sales and marketing". I feel like our company doesn't have a sales and marketing department. How should I go about doing an internal audit for a department that doesn't get used?
  • How to drive opportunity reports by IQA team

    Can you share with me about how to drive opportunity reports by IQA team, how to start?

  • ISO 9001 Surveillance audit

    The company that we were certified through may not be able to do our surveillance audit.  Is a surveillance audit required and if we choose a different company to do our audit, do we have to go through an entirely new certification?

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