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  • ISO 9001 3 metods

    What are the 3 methods an organization could use to facilitate effective internal communication?

  • ISO 9001 design and development

    Can I exclude design and development 8.3. the clause from my QMS If we only render service such as "Surface production drilling and blasting? 

  • Performance indicators for employee evaluation

    What are the performance indicators of an employee to be evaluated?

  • ISO 9001 Audit finding clarification

    The basis for classifying an Audit finding as major under the ISO 9001 system.
    The process appears very subjective sometimes.

  • Relationship between clauses 4 and 6.1

    Would you explain clause 4 and its relationship with 6.1 in a practical example? 

  • ISO 9001 monitoring and measurement equipment

    I want to know what should be included under the "monitoring and measurement equipment" section in ISO internal auditing requirements. I have a mask manufacturing facility. if you can help me with providing generic examples of monitoring and measuring equipment in my case, that would be great.

  • ISO 9001 KPIs

    How to choose the KPIs to measure the process?

  • ISO 9001 requirements for laboratories

    Are ISO 9001 requirements similar across various fields that laboratories work in- from engineering, medical to Bioanalytical fields? 

  • Modification planning

    How to comply with the requirement concerning "modification planning"?

  • ISO 9001 and financial problems during the pandemic

    Is standard proven to overcome company with financial problems during pandemic Covid19?

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