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  • Interviewing an auditee

    I'm wondering which would be true. A good approach when interviewing an auditee is to: A) say notes will be taken of their response as evidence that they are doing their job. B) establish a good rapport with the auditee: as short questions and listen. C) put the auditee at ease and encourage them to mark out existing nonconformities.
  • Effectiveness in ISO 9001

    Why do ISO9001 standard only require "Effective", not "Efficiency"?  
  • Internal Auditing specifics

    Do you have a white paper or any documented evidence that will support the case of those requirements relating to ISO auditing that you can share - especially ALL clauses and over what time span? Also, the internal auditing process needs to be audited by a qualified person independent of the activity?
  • Knowledge management (7.1.6)

    How can we manage Knowledge effectively? This clause is very confusing with me. I don't know starting point to conform this clause (7.1.6). I must collect and maintain all our knowledge in company (document, training material and experience...). Is that right?  
  • Nonconformance vs Nonconformity

    What is different between Nonconformance (8.7) vs Nonconformity (10.2)? Why did ISO separate 2 item in 2 differ clauses? During audit, how can you decide which is Nonconformance or Nonconformity?
  • Use of Correction Fluid

    I work in the microfinance industry and would like to know where does the standard prohibits the use of correction fluid/tippex.
  • Monitoring, Measurement (9.1)

    I am working for Training center. How to apply clause 9.1.1 General of 9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation in my organization (Training center)? Do we need to monitor and measure all item relate to my customer (students)? Can you give me some examples or guildeline?
  • Qms in oil exploration and production

    Can you give me some examples of scope of Qms in oil exploration and production?
  • Nonconformance Finding (ISO9001 Audit)

    During ISO 9001 Audit, if Purchase department have no procedure for purchasing, Sale department also have no sale procedure (documented procedure), so it will be considered a nonconformance finding (Major or Minor)? If not, how Auditor assess their compliance with ISO9001 requirement?
  • Manage Risk Effectively

    How to manage risk effectively according to ISO 9001 requirement? For example, Company have 5 teams (HR, Operation, Production, R&D, QA). So each team must manage risk & opportunities in their team. Is that correct? Can you advise me some training course or material in advisera to manage risk?
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