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  • indicators


    I need your feedback to know the effectiveness and efficiency indicators usually used to measure and evaluate the design and development process (development of plastic injection molds)

    thank you in advance

    Best regards

  • Process vs internal audit

    What's the difference between process audit and internal audit?

  • Quality audit in manufacturing company

    I want help on the types of quality audits that can be carried out on a manufacturing company?

  • ISO 9001 Questions

    Thanks to the support by clarifying me bellow questions:

    1/Example of determining the requirements for products and services, meaning what features the product or service will have in the organization;
    2/Example of the scope of QMS and its evidence in any organization ;
    3/ Example of process design/service in any organization ;
    4/ Example of  establishment and documenting the criteria for suppliers selection in any organization ;
    5/Example of  establishment and documenting the criteria Production and service provision in any organization 

  • ISO 9001 Engineering drawing

    Where can I find the guide on archiving engineering drawing?

  • ISO 9001 Warehouses

    What is the specific ISO covering the warehouses?

  • ISO 9001 Risk Assessment

    I have done my own Risk Assessment. I am looking for a different method to calculate it. Please can you assist? 

  • ISO 9001 external documents

    How can I make a procedure for the external documents, and how can I revise the external documents? 

  • ISO 9001 non-conformities

    How do you derive to a non-conformity?

  • ISO 9001 non-conformities

    How about if we encounter power interruption and due to that we have product non-conformities. Is it allowed to say "Beyond our control" in corrective action or putting "N/A"?

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