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  • Changes in QMS

    What diffirent between 6.3 Planning of Changes and 8.5.6 Control of Changes? The "Changes" is diffirent or not?
  • Integrity of QMS

    Hello. I read Clause 6.3 b) When planning of changes, organization shall consider the integrity of QMS. What does "the integrity" mean? How can we do to ensure the integrity when planning changes?  
  • Monitoring and Measurement

    What relationship between Monitoring and Measurement? And the purpose of them in Clause 9.1? Each process must be monitored or measured or both of them?
  • Flowchart - Flow diagram

    How important is flowchart/flow diagram in ISO 9001 document? Do we need to use and input flowchart in all procedures?  
  • Procedure Manual

    Does the procedure manual replace the quality manual?
  • Documents needed to implement QMS 9001

    What documents does an auditor need to implement QMS 9001:2015?
  • International Lesgislation Auditing

    My concern is. I will be implementing international legislation in the organisation. Due to the various areas, the organisation would be situated in South Africa. So I'm looking at one particular auditing company to audit me after I have implemented my plan. Now my question is which other organisations should I subscribe to ensure that I can conform to on an international level with regards to legislation.
  • Product / Service Requirement Review Record CL

    Kindly advise me if the above record and the Record of New Requirements for Products and Service is necessary if we are a Wholesale Distributor and do not manufacture any of our own products?
  • Fail Audit 3rd party

    Next month, our company will receive ISO9001 Audit from 3rd party (CB, registrar). I wonder that when and how we can be failed for this audit? How many major Finding, minor finding Auditor found that make us have to re-audit again? Please guide me to prevent any risk during audit.
  • ISO 9001 Video work instruction

    Our company is exploring the use of video as work instructions, looking for any guidance to maintain the control element with this implementation.
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