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  • CQI 17

    Hi experienced men

    Could you please share me the CQI17 implement experiences, including: Checklist template, Procedure,...?

    I'm learning to prepare it for IATF audit and certification.

    Thanks and Best regards

  • FMEA new style

    Is FMEA new style compulsary to implement for new projects, previously set up in FMEA <2016 but now transferred to a different company. Or can we continue on the previous set up old style FMEA and copy this after relocation of the product?

  • NPI project for IATF

    I would like to know what would be on a list of deliverables for an NPI project in an IATF-certified organization

  • Controlled documents

    According to IATF1649, if there are documents used to record test results that are used every day by Production Employees should these documents be Controlled Documents?

  • Identifying Controlled prints/documents

    I was wondering if there's any specific way to identify controlled updated prints/documents per IATF ? Is using a stamp permitted?

  • Chapter 10.3 from IATF

    Dear IATF assistant,

    I have a question regarding chapter 10.3 from IATF

    It was mentioned that the continuous improvement procedure should include risk analysis such as FMEA. i would like to understand how exactly
    Does it means for example that for every improvement action, we should make FMEA update or that we should take FMEA as input to define the improvements area or other thing

    I hope i can get clarification from you
    Thank you in advance

  • Product Safety

    I am having a problem understanding what this means exactly> Is it a requirement to have a full procedure or is it enough to just mention Procut Safety in the Manual?

  • Shift handover report

    I am searching for an information in IATF 16949 standard regarding shift handover report.
    Which point or points require such document?

  • Is shift change confirmation report required?

    Is a shift change confirmation report required?

  • Second party audits for an ISO Certified company

    We are an ISO Certified Company recently we lost our VDA 6.3 certified auditors who were responsible for the second-party audits. What are the auditor requirements to be able to do second-party audits?

    Is VDA 6.3 a requirement for automotive companies?

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