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  • Customer Special Characteristics

    When a customer identifies a special characteristic and you identify where that SC is influenced in your process, does the standard specifically state that you have to place visualization to identify "Good" and "Bad" examples for workers to know and understand what impacts the special characteristic? If this is not the case, what exactly must a worker know about the special characteristic?

  • Maintenance requirements for electrical equipment

    I need to determine if the maintenance requirements for electrical equipment of IATF 16949 meet or exceed the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 70.

  • IATF Internal Audit Checklist Guide

    I work as a quality assurance expert at an auto parts company. I ask you for help and what should be followed up and observed for internal audit by the IATF Internal Audit Checklist Guide as well as in each clause of the standard.

  • Product Safety Requirement

    Thank you for providing this service, it is very kind of you. My question concerns the Product Safety requirement. We are a Tier 1 OEM manufacturer for Brakes, Steering, Suspension. Every single one of these parts are considered Safety Product. There isn't a specific characteristic of product safety, highlighting potential issues for one or more product safety failure would be impossible as our entire operation is producing parts start to finish that are critical to product safety. In other words, we are complying with the requirement with the exception of a) and i) according to our IATF auditor's NCR we were issued. I'm trying to create the documented process for this clause. However, I'm at a loss on how to do this because every component of the part and the part itself is Safety Product.

  • Requirement of 7.2.3

    What is the difference between the requirement of 7.2.3 to the previous ISO/TS8.2.2.5?

  • Internal Quality Audit

    Can we use untrained auditor as trainee auditor during our internal audit process (for exposure and development)?

  • QMS Turtle Diagram

    I would like to discuss related to the creation of the Turtle Diagram based on the QMS processes.
    Basically there are 16 main QMS processes. Does it mean I need to create the Turtle Diagram based on this 16 process? Or can I make it into separate Turtle Diagram? Is it possible to have Turtle Diagram that is not related to these 16 process?

  • GR&R frequency requirement

    Is there a frequency requirement for GR&R?

  • Integrating IATF 16949 with ISO 9001

    Will need to know what if a company is already certified and has system of 9001 2015, so in that case what specific would be required and what common requirements can be integrated with 9001.

  • SPC, linearity distribution and PV value

    I would like to get advice on what is the relationship between SPC, linearity distribution and PV value. How to decide to have SPC monitoring and which point is necessary for SPC monitoring?

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