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  • Chapter 10.3 from IATF

    Dear IATF assistant,

    I have a question regarding chapter 10.3 from IATF

    It was mentioned that the continuous improvement procedure should include risk analysis such as FMEA. i would like to understand how exactly
    Does it means for example that for every improvement action, we should make FMEA update or that we should take FMEA as input to define the improvements area or other thing

    I hope i can get clarification from you
    Thank you in advance

  • Product Safety

    I am having a problem understanding what this means exactly> Is it a requirement to have a full procedure or is it enough to just mention Procut Safety in the Manual?

  • Shift handover report

    I am searching for an information in IATF 16949 standard regarding shift handover report.
    Which point or points require such document?

  • Is shift change confirmation report required?

    Is a shift change confirmation report required?

  • Second party audits for an ISO Certified company

    We are an ISO Certified Company recently we lost our VDA 6.3 certified auditors who were responsible for the second-party audits. What are the auditor requirements to be able to do second-party audits?

    Is VDA 6.3 a requirement for automotive companies?

  • KPI project management / engineering IATF

    Just a question. In our small company we now and then have a new project for an automotive product (simple springs). We of course should have a kpi, but that seema like an overkill. What would be a simple KPI that complies with IATF?

  • Clauses related to Statistical Process Control

    Sir, Please help me to determine which clauses are related to SPC or Statistical Process Control

  • Maintenance

    How to prepare tha maintenance procedure and work instruction pm plans maintenance history brreackdown analysis register etc.

  • Total productive maintenance


    Following requirement from IATF 16949, clause Total productive maintenance

    Do we need to measure the all indexes OEE, MTTR and MTBF or 1 of them is enough to meet IATF requirement?

    Best Regards

  • MSA for multi measurement function equipment


    I have 1 concern about the MSA.

    If our measurement device have a multi functions of measurement. Example LCR meter that used to measure the Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance of the Electronics components.

    So, do we have to do MSA for all measurement function of the equipement? Please advise.

    Best regards

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