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  • Timeline for processes audit

    Can you please verify: do we audit all processes 1 time for every 3 years (=3 times in a 3-year cycle) or is it only 1 time in 3 years?

    It states that we have to audit all processes over a 3 year cycle/audit program/period.

    Do we audit all process each year during the 3 years, which would equal 3 audits per process or,

    Do we audit 1 time during the 3 year period so each process is audited 1 time in 3 years?
    I am trying to get clarification on the requirement.

    I believe, and in my past experiences, I have audited all processes each year in a 3 year cycle, so each process is audited 3 times in the 3 year cycle.

    (in other words each process-full QMS processes must be audited every year)

    The question has arrised at my new place of employment, but the standard is not clear.

  • industrialization KPI's

    Happy new year everyone!

    i'm wondering what indicators which commonly used to mesure the performance of the industrialization process which includes APQP procedure and the PPAP file submission

    thank you for your help!

    best regards

  • List of Mandatory procedures

    Is it a requirement to have a list of mandatory procedures in the quality manual?

  • The most relevant tools supporting PPAP processes

    My most pressing question is what are the most relevant tools supporting PPAP processes? The reason for this is that I am creating an outsourcing team and I need to be sure we are teaching the most relevant tools regarding PPAP

  • IATF16949 VE ISO 9001

    1. IATF16949 dokumanlarını biliyorum ancak ISO9001:2015 ten farkını çıkaramadım. ISO 9001 de olmayıp IATF16949 olan neler var nereden ulaşabilirim bu bilgiye.

    2. Ve ISO 9001:2015 de tasarım iatf16949 gibi hariç tutulabiliyor mu acaba şimdiden teşekkürler ?

  • Is IATF accreditation necessary?

    Can you please confirm if the ISO certification would be a sufficient qualification for SME’s to produce 3D parts for automotive OEM’s for the aftermarket supply. In *** (and I’m sure globally also), creating local  jobs through is number one priority. Using new technology such as 3D printing is one area where I see great potential. The plan is to create jobs for SME’s to supply Automotive 1st and 2nd tier OEM partners with car components. In order to supply parts to 1st tier OEMs for example, which accreditations do the SME’s NEED to have in order to meet the stringent automotive quality standards for supply and is this different if we use 3D additive manufacturing to ‘print’ parts?  We are exploring this in depth with 3D supply partners and I need to be clear about the requirements to see if this plan to engage SME’s is feasible or not. Must SME’s have AIFT16949 accreditation or would ISO 9000 be sufficient. What are the approximate costs and timeframe in meeting the minimum requirements.
  • Time limit for document show to auditor during audit

    Is IATF define the time limit for document show to the auditor during audit
    If Yes then in which clause?

  • IATF 16949 Product

    'm trying to figure out what to ask during an audit regarding this portion of clause h) defined responsibilities, definition of escalation process and flow of information, including top management, and customer notification;Thank you.

  • Warranty and Lifetime

    Company where I work is not very big and activity is related with assembly of wire harnesses for automotive.
    Recently I was requested to give info for Lifetime of the product and Warranty management to our OEM potential customer I have read of course IATF points related to this but it's still not very clear.
    1. What are obligations related to warranty management from supplier side?
    2. What info I have to collect to answer about lifetime?

  • Planning a gage R&r Studies for all instruments

    Hello/ I am planning a gage R&r Studies for all instruments acc to IATF, IATF 16949 ,what can do recommend to meet compliance ? Since we have manw instruments;Can I make MSA planning according to a certain criteria ? if so, couldyou please let me know some possible options Thanks and best regards
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