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  • Characteristics of manufacturing process that should be controlled and documented

    What characteristics of a manufacturing process should be controlled and documented to enable a product to be recalled from the marketplace if deemed necessary?
  • Job description according IATF requirement

    Please tell me what would be extra responsibilities to be added in the job description to fulfill the requirements of IATF.

  • IATF 16949 scope

    I am starting working in a Tier 1 company who produces seat backrests for OEM and our current certicate scope says "manufacture of seat back reast". The company also produces other parts for automotive OE. In next audit, the only products that can be audited are back rests. Am I right?

  • Predictive Maintenance

    I am trying to develop a predictive maintenance plan. Was wondering if oil analysis program would be sufficient for passing the audit. We had a non conformity in this area during the audit

  • 2nd Party Audit

    I have a question regarding 2nd party audits. I am Quality Assurance Manager. I fully manage internal audit program for last 15 years. I attended and successfully completed Internal Auditor training where obtained Internal audit certificate for ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, IATF16949:2016 from QPS Institute and IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System Auditor Training including AIAG Core Tools provided by IATF Certified Lead Auditor.

    Can I conduct 2nd party audits, or I must attend special lead internal audit training and obtain Lead Internal audit certificate?

  • Archiving period for Documents in IATF 16949

    I want to know the archiving period for Documents in the IAtf 16949

  • Green field plant IATF certification


    We are into setting up a new plant(green field project). Please guide, what are the pre-requisite related to product and process records before going for the certification.

  • IATF 16949 People engagement

    I am QMS Engineer for tier 1 automotive. How do I get the team (Top Management) engaged. GM supports me but has no time for anything regarding systems. I audit, I execute and escalate. Then nothing from Management or I get "Why is this happening". You have to drive the system. Maybe I am missing an execution strategy. So I never finish anything because another fire is ready to put out.

  • Process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements

    Hi-quick question.  Is it ok to have a process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements?

  • SPC for big subgroups

    Hello. I have been working with SPC Xbar-R charts, for measurements samples sizes from 1 to 7 .

    Now I have a situation that I am not sure how to handle: In a new process we got, there is a measurement machine that performs thickness measurements from one sample and the result we got (from 30K-10K measurements) are Average, Max, Min.

    I was asked to use SPC to keep track of the process performance using this three data. I am a little bit confused since the sample from I got the three statistics (Avg, max and Min) is really big so I cannot apply the typical SPC ideas.

    First, I tried to use this three data for a Xbar-R chart, but it is clearly wrong since the sample I am using (3 data) comes from a bigger sample (10K-30K). I was thinking to use Xbar-S chart, but I am afraid it will be the same problem.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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