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  • Certification for IATF 16949 Section 8.3 (Design and Development of Products)

    My companies manufacturing plant is certified to IATF 16949 with the section 8.3 exception. Typically we are a design to print company. However, we are currently working on some products that are internally designed and developed. We are now thinking we would like to get certified for Section 8.3. Do you have any Checklists specific to section 8.3 or anything that help me prepare for an audit for section 8.3?
  • management of measuring instruments

    how to identify smooth pads, threaded pads, threaded rings in the store and how to manage their accuracy apart from their external calibration because it would be very expensive any suggestion, documentation use, links would be very useful thank you so much!
  • Question on identifying organization’s customer

    I have question about the identify organization’s customer, there are many opinion about the way to identify customer, so I feel it not clear

    If you can support, please help me with my question:

    My company had IATF’s certificate, and we need to re-identify our customer

    My company is a child company of corporation

    We receive purchase order from mother company & other company belong to our’ corporation (subsidiaries)

    Are mother company & other subsidiaries my customer?

    Thank you for your support

  • Clauses related to engineering and production

    Need one clarity like what are the clauses related to engineering in IATF.
    And what are the clauses related to production.

  • Random Shipping paperwork audits

    We have created an audit system for our shipping department. It involves a checklist type document. We do not audit every shipment, and the person shipping a particular item does not audit their own shipment. We have placed a vague statement in our procedure indicateing we do random audits using this form. Are we compliant?

  • Inspection and dock audit template and minimum criteria to satisfy IATF requirements

    We have been working hard through the tool kit we have purchased. 1. Is there a template for receiving inspection and dock audit? 2. What is the minimum criteria to satisfy IATF requirements?
  • IATF 16949 Process Audit Checklist

    I am looking for a process audit checklist for IATF 16949 Process Audit Checklist.  I see a 16949 Manufacturing Process Audit Checklist on the 16949 Academy website, but I have to do audits for processes other than Manufacturing.  I would like to find an all-purpose checklist that I can use for any audit.  Does that exist?
  • Characteristics of manufacturing process that should be controlled and documented

    What characteristics of a manufacturing process should be controlled and documented to enable a product to be recalled from the marketplace if deemed necessary?
  • Job description according IATF requirement

    Please tell me what would be extra responsibilities to be added in the job description to fulfill the requirements of IATF.

  • IATF 16949 scope

    I am starting working in a Tier 1 company who produces seat backrests for OEM and our current certicate scope says "manufacture of seat back reast". The company also produces other parts for automotive OE. In next audit, the only products that can be audited are back rests. Am I right?

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