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  • Is IATF 16949 needed for fuel systems manufacturing company?

    We are a manufacturing company that builds CNG Fuel systems for Class 8 trucks. The chassis comes with an engine designed by Cummins to accept CNG fuel in place of diesel.

    Our part of the vehicle build is to build and install the fuel cell and components necessary to deliver the fuel to the engine.

    We do not fall under the chassis or engine warranty. Therefore, would we fall simply under 9001 or do we have enough involvement in the vehicle design and build to need 16949?

  • Requirements on RFQ in regard to annual management review

    Dear IATF 16949 expert,

    What are the requirements on RFQ in regard to annual management review? Here I am not sure how to manage the overview list of RFQ which we have in the company to be prepared for yearly evaluation. Thank you

  • Getting IATF 16949 certification

    We have recently obtained our ISO 9001 certification and I would like to see if it is possible for us to get the IATF as well. We have a joint venture with the factory that produces our products under our license but we are basically just a marketing and logistical company supplying products to the automotive market. The JV partner already is IATF certified.

  • Additional requirements to become IATF certified when you are ISO 9001:2015 certified

    Since I am ISO 9001:2015 certified with a section 8.3 exclusion, what are the additional requirements to become IATF certified.

  • Overview of complete links for whole company QMS

    How to make simple overview of complete links among all documents and procedures for whole company QMS?

  • IAFT 3rd party training for PPAP

    Does IATF require a 3rd party PPAP certification? Or, is internal training by an experience team member acceptable?

  • Purpose of process flow diagram after APQP

    Does the process flow diagram have any purpose after APQP is complete?  Once the cell is up, running and stable, does the PFD become a “non-living document” (unlike the PMEA and Control Plan-which continue on as “living documents”)?

  • Minimum number of audits per year requirement

    Per IATF 16949, 7.2.3, internal auditors need to execute a minimum number of audits per year, as defined by the organization. We have some internal audits who did not perform any audits last year. Now it seems we are in a paradox. Do they have to start all over and get retrained and certified? If they perform an audit now, will it be valid, since they do not currently meet the requirement? Is there a more efficient way to re-qualify the auditors, rather than going all the way back to square one?
  • Requirements for analytical laboratories under 16949 designation

    Can you tell me analytical lab requirements for the 16949 standard?
  • Accreditation for 3D machines

    We are at the very early stages of developing plans for the introduction of 100 SME’s to print 3D parts for OEMs.

    Quite a tall order I know, but feasible if every area plays a part.
    I’m still unsure about the IATF requirements when it comes to 3D printing and how this all works when supplying OEMs. I couldn’t find this clause that you made reference to previously so perhaps you could send me the actual clause or the link directly to it? Essentially, I still need your support and guidance to make this work. Without IATF approval, the plans are futile. The plan is to

    Create a minimum of 200 jobs in SA - SME’s to manufacture automotive parts for Electric Vehicles
    Grow the economy using existing technology (3D printing) for the next generation of vehicles i.e. EV. I plan to develop the plans to set up a new purpose-built greenfield manufacturing plant where SME’s can come together to manufacture components for local and international OEMs specifically for EV’s  I need to work with OEMs to identify the components that are not critical safety items and can be printed using Additive Manufacturing.
    Setting up a massive manufacturing site where each 3D printer receives requests from OEMs and they print them as per the orders ‘locally’.
    So that's it in a nutshell. Anything you can do to assist me here I would really appreciate it.
    The incentive for you is there will be the need for the IATF certificate. The question is, will we need accreditation for the plant OR for each product that is produced by the 3D machines?"

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