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  • Predictive Maintenance

    I am trying to develop a predictive maintenance plan. Was wondering if oil analysis program would be sufficient for passing the audit. We had a non conformity in this area during the audit

  • 2nd Party Audit

    I have a question regarding 2nd party audits. I am Quality Assurance Manager. I fully manage internal audit program for last 15 years. I attended and successfully completed Internal Auditor training where obtained Internal audit certificate for ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, IATF16949:2016 from QPS Institute and IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System Auditor Training including AIAG Core Tools provided by IATF Certified Lead Auditor.

    Can I conduct 2nd party audits, or I must attend special lead internal audit training and obtain Lead Internal audit certificate?

  • Archiving period for Documents in IATF 16949

    I want to know the archiving period for Documents in the IAtf 16949

  • Green field plant IATF certification


    We are into setting up a new plant(green field project). Please guide, what are the pre-requisite related to product and process records before going for the certification.

  • IATF 16949 People engagement

    I am QMS Engineer for tier 1 automotive. How do I get the team (Top Management) engaged. GM supports me but has no time for anything regarding systems. I audit, I execute and escalate. Then nothing from Management or I get "Why is this happening". You have to drive the system. Maybe I am missing an execution strategy. So I never finish anything because another fire is ready to put out.

  • Process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements

    Hi-quick question.  Is it ok to have a process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements?

  • SPC for big subgroups

    Hello. I have been working with SPC Xbar-R charts, for measurements samples sizes from 1 to 7 .

    Now I have a situation that I am not sure how to handle: In a new process we got, there is a measurement machine that performs thickness measurements from one sample and the result we got (from 30K-10K measurements) are Average, Max, Min.

    I was asked to use SPC to keep track of the process performance using this three data. I am a little bit confused since the sample from I got the three statistics (Avg, max and Min) is really big so I cannot apply the typical SPC ideas.

    First, I tried to use this three data for a Xbar-R chart, but it is clearly wrong since the sample I am using (3 data) comes from a bigger sample (10K-30K). I was thinking to use Xbar-S chart, but I am afraid it will be the same problem.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Creation of training procedure

    I just got an assignment from the Quality Manager to create a training procedure.
    I'm new to the industry and I am the HR Manager. I feel lost in the sauce. Can you help?

  • Change management process

    Following the process activities, the escalation courses a change request do we need to trigger a change management process? For instance, a user cannot access the website because there's a problem with a rule within the firewall, it's not a major incident but creates a change.

  • Process owner of Training plan documents

     I just have a question. Who is the process owner of Training plan documents? HR or department heads?

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