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  • IATF 16949 People engagement

    I am QMS Engineer for tier 1 automotive. How do I get the team (Top Management) engaged. GM supports me but has no time for anything regarding systems. I audit, I execute and escalate. Then nothing from Management or I get "Why is this happening". You have to drive the system. Maybe I am missing an execution strategy. So I never finish anything because another fire is ready to put out.

  • Process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements

    Hi-quick question.  Is it ok to have a process turtle for Customer Specific Requirements?

  • SPC for big subgroups

    Hello. I have been working with SPC Xbar-R charts, for measurements samples sizes from 1 to 7 .

    Now I have a situation that I am not sure how to handle: In a new process we got, there is a measurement machine that performs thickness measurements from one sample and the result we got (from 30K-10K measurements) are Average, Max, Min.

    I was asked to use SPC to keep track of the process performance using this three data. I am a little bit confused since the sample from I got the three statistics (Avg, max and Min) is really big so I cannot apply the typical SPC ideas.

    First, I tried to use this three data for a Xbar-R chart, but it is clearly wrong since the sample I am using (3 data) comes from a bigger sample (10K-30K). I was thinking to use Xbar-S chart, but I am afraid it will be the same problem.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Creation of training procedure

    I just got an assignment from the Quality Manager to create a training procedure.
    I'm new to the industry and I am the HR Manager. I feel lost in the sauce. Can you help?

  • Change management process

    Following the process activities, the escalation courses a change request do we need to trigger a change management process? For instance, a user cannot access the website because there's a problem with a rule within the firewall, it's not a major incident but creates a change.

  • Process owner of Training plan documents

     I just have a question. Who is the process owner of Training plan documents? HR or department heads?

  • Timeline for processes audit

    Can you please verify: do we audit all processes 1 time for every 3 years (=3 times in a 3-year cycle) or is it only 1 time in 3 years?

    It states that we have to audit all processes over a 3 year cycle/audit program/period.

    Do we audit all process each year during the 3 years, which would equal 3 audits per process or,

    Do we audit 1 time during the 3 year period so each process is audited 1 time in 3 years?
    I am trying to get clarification on the requirement.

    I believe, and in my past experiences, I have audited all processes each year in a 3 year cycle, so each process is audited 3 times in the 3 year cycle.

    (in other words each process-full QMS processes must be audited every year)

    The question has arrised at my new place of employment, but the standard is not clear.

  • industrialization KPI's

    Happy new year everyone!

    i'm wondering what indicators which commonly used to mesure the performance of the industrialization process which includes APQP procedure and the PPAP file submission

    thank you for your help!

    best regards

  • List of Mandatory procedures

    Is it a requirement to have a list of mandatory procedures in the quality manual?

  • The most relevant tools supporting PPAP processes

    My most pressing question is what are the most relevant tools supporting PPAP processes? The reason for this is that I am creating an outsourcing team and I need to be sure we are teaching the most relevant tools regarding PPAP

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