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  • Use of Internal QMS Audit Checklist

    I just have a question in terms of Appendix 2 – Internal QMS Audit Checklist. What is this specific checklist used for? To conduct audits on your quality manual/procedures? Do you perhaps have a preview of this in order for me to get a better understanding?
  • 5 Core Tools in IATF

    There are 5 core tools in IATF Certification and 10 clauses IATF 16949. Can you tell me where does these 5 core tools fits/apply in clause IATF?
  • Stage-1 Audit

    1. What do auditor look for in Stage- 1 audit? 2. Is it mandatory that MRM & Internal audit is conducted before stage-1 audit?
  • Lead Auditor vs Lead implementer courses

    Can a lead implementer work as Lead auditor and vice-versa? Which course (internal or lead or implementer) a employee must select for second party audits in a QMS counsultant firm?
  • Is maintenance required to have a critical parts list?

    Is maintenance required to have a critical parts list?
  • Conducting Process audits /product audits /Internal audits

    1. With just enquiry /Sample order (before products approval) how can we conduct Process audits /product audits /Internal audits? 2. How can we monitor KPI? 3. How can we conduct MRM?
  • Cost of IATF 16949 certification

    What is the cost to certificate a factory by TS-16949?
  • Conditions for replicating OEM

    In South Africa, legislation allows new entrants to manufacture locally and we have started a project to produce certain parts using additive manufacturing technology. I need to establish what the conditions are for us to replicate an OEM part using this technology and what tests and approvals would be required to allow us to sell direct to the market.  
  • Uploading current quality standards/results

    I have a question. If a company has the 16949 certification do they have to upload their current quality standards/results as I understood they did previously. I want to choose a supplier who states they have the standard so I want to find their data. The company is called C*** in China.
  • Should trainer be certified with IATF certification body?

    I understand the company vying for IATF 16949 certification need to show competence on the 5 core quality tools. Does it mean that the trainer of these tools should be certified to any IATF body offering the training? Or can a well experienced quality professional do the training making sure the company staff are competent to these 5 core tools. I see no clause in requiring the trainer's qualification in the 16948 standard hence I believe it is OK not to be trained from a trainer from any IATF body.
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