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  • Implement ISO 27001 & ISO 22301- ISMS and BCMS Manual

    Please clarify I couldn't find ISO 27001:2022 ISMS manual and ISO 22301:2018 BCMS Manual in your package, in the List_of_documents_ISO_27001_ISO_22301_Premium_Documentation_Toolkit_EN also it's not mentioned. I need both ISMS and BCMS manuals.

    Here in *** market clients want ISMS manual and BCMS Manual to get supplier registration process of client.

  • Annex A controls

    I am using your Toolkit to develop my ISO27K documentation. Crosschecking the Annex A controls and those referenced in the templates I noticed that some controls are missing. For example, the complete A.5 and A.6 are not referenced anywhere. As well as sub controls from A.9, A.11 (many), A.12. How shall I deal with them? If you like I can send you the whole list. Do they refer indirectly to the documents, or do I have to create new one’s from scratch? I am trying to compile the SOA but I can’t, due to the above.
  • Toolkit questions

    I have many questions First one: why the implementation tool kit did not contain the folder for A5 and folder for A18 in the folder 08 for annex a Second question:  while I browse your website I found the document named checklist of ISO 27001 mandatory documentation I confused AND I have a question regarding this document regarding the documentation I SHOULD deliver to the certification auditor My question is do I have to submit   this document to the certification auditor ? Third question: what is the difference between this document and the  implementation tool kit Which contain folders from 00 to 12
  • ISMS 27001 processes

    I am in the process of setting up the ISMS with your tool kit. What I miss (or haven't found) the processes (structure) for change management or patch management. As well as the subdivision into management, core and support processes. This is required for the process landscape.
  • Document 14.1

    Can you explain how document 14.1 should be filled out? I understand that there's some relationship to the risks listed in document 5.1, but I'm not sure which assets are required to be listed in document 14.1. To be more specific, we're running a SAAS company with at least these three types of information systems: Software used in internal development. The software that we develop. Note that the version of this software changes as we're developing it. The software that runs in the production environment. I'm not sure which ones of these should be listed in 14.1.
  • Key management template

    In the toolkit purchased, there is no policy template for control A.10.1.2 (Key management). I would appreciate it if a document were provided. Thank you.
  • Incident Response Plan Policy

    I’m in the process of writing an Incident Response Plan Policy.  Our company purchased the 27001 Documentation Toolkit and I only saw the IRP Procedure.  Do you have a IRP Policy somewhere in this toolkit that I can’t find or do I have to purchase this separately?

  • ISO templates - HR Policy

    Can you please help me to find my HR Policy and Awareness? I couldn't locate it in the templates.