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  • Mandatory checkpoint to be present in product audit

    What are the mandatory checkpoint should present in a product audit? As per IATF requirement neither itself product audit is invalid?

  • Certification requirements for SME's - Automotive

    I am looking into building local supply chain for the supply of diverse automotive components for local OEMs
    Creating jobs and manufacturing locally are key requirements for SA and many other countries I believe. 

    What are the requirements for SME’s to be able to supply OEMs with parts from a IATF16949 perspective?

    The cost to get certified is prohibitive for most SME’s and so I am investigating ways to work with you to get our economy up and running again. 

    My vision is to get 100 SME’s IATF certified to manufacture non critical components using 3D technology.

    Can you please assist. I have a meeting tomorrow and would really appreciate being able to give them feedback on this critical point.

    One more point, is how does IATF change when it comes to 3D printing of components for 

  • Standard approach/Framework for meeting all Quality clauses

    First, I would like to thank you for the content available on your side 

    Let's say, for example, the APQP approach can be implemented for meeting the criteria for design and development and related clause. Do we have a standard approach/Framework for meeting all Quality clauses, which will ensure that efficiency of my process? 

  • Sheet metal industries (press shop) process validations

    sheet metal industries (press shop)process validations, any guidelines?

  • Is Core Tools the most important tools in implementing IATF 16949?

    Is Core Tools the most important tools in implementing IATF 16949? Why?

  • Do internal auditors need training?

    Do internal auditors need training?

  • IATF 16494 queries

    1. My understanding is that IATF16949 primarily applies to an internal manufacturing site, with support functions including design, sales etc being included in the scope. But what if we want to include other design groups in the scope, but their products are not manufactured internally, but at external IATF16949 certified suppliers? Can they be included in the scope? Or can we only include design groups that design products that are manufactured in the certified manufacturing location?

    2. If we want to have a Single Manufacturing site certified, but with other internal manufacturing sites includes as extended sites, there are criteria outlined in the IATF "rules" Annex 4 that I would like clarification on: E.g.

    • The extended site can have "No autonomous decision making authority". This is clearly not practical for any company as all sites would have local on-site leadership.
    • Extended sites should be located within a "reasonable proximity" of the main mfg site. What is the definition of "reasonable proximity" ?
  • Can single process (stamping) be certified to IATF 16949 standard?

    We are a steel processor with an ISO 9001-2015 certified company now.
    Can I have a single process (stamping) certified to the IATF 16949 standard?

  • Based on what the sample size to do MSA?

    Based on what the sample size to do MSA is fixed like 10 or 30 nos.?

  • Special treatment or additional activities for the IATF audit in case of ongoing escalation with customer

    1. Is there a special treatment or additional activities for the IATF audit (Stage 1 and 2) of a new Plant in case there is an on going escalation with a customer happening before the Audit. What are the implications if the escalation is on going during the Audit?


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