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  • Can the certified auditor train others in the company?

    My company has one certified IATF internal auditor.  Can the certified auditor train others in the company or do they need to go through the actual certification process?

  • Determining product safety characteristics

    I need to understand how we can determine the safety characteristics. We are only doing the manufacturing. Design is provided by the customer.
  • Is 5S Methodology shall requirement of IATF 16949?

    Dear Sir, Is 5S Methodology shall requirement of IATF 16949?
  • Procedure for correcting the wrong report

    If I sent a failure analysis report to my customer and a couple of days later I recognize we sent the wrong result, Is there any procedure acc IATF how to deal with this issue?

  • Is registrar remote audit for surveillance or recertification audits allowed?

    1. I have a question regarding the registrar remote audits for the surveillance or recertification audits. IATF does not allow remote audits but I believe the ISO community does. is this correct? 2. Also, my question points out to the risk of companies to loose the certification due to Covid 19 - impossibility to be audited and certified. Is any rule as in IATF for extended the current certificate?
  • Selection and approval criteria for new suppliers according to IATF 16949

    I am interested in the selection and approval criteria for new suppliers according to the requirements of IATF 16949, which are the steps I have to follow,
  • Is IATF 16949 is sufficient to evaluate the QMSs of OEMs?

    1. Do you consider that IATF 16949 is sufficient to evaluate the QMSs of OEMs?

    2. If so, why are there supplementary audits like VDA6.3 or ASES of Renault-Nissan? Thank you.

  • IATF 16949 standard documents in digital form

    Hello, we are searching for the raw IATF 16949 standard documents. (i am not sure how to call it otherwise) we only can find versions as a hardcover-book. on the internet, but nothing digital like a PDF or something. can you help me with that? can you provide this? 

  • Clauses on document revisions and history

    Hi, I'm looking for clauses on document revisions and history.

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