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  • QMS Turtle Diagram

    I would like to discuss related to the creation of the Turtle Diagram based on the QMS processes. Basically there are 16 main QMS processes. Does it mean I need to create the Turtle Diagram based on this 16 process? Or can I make it into separate Turtle Diagram? Is it possible to have Turtle Diagram that is not related to these 16 process?
  • GR&R frequency requirement

    Is there a frequency requirement for GR&R?

  • Integrating IATF 16949 with ISO 9001

    Will need to know what if a company is already certified and has system of 9001 2015, so in that case what specific would be required and what common requirements can be integrated with 9001.

  • SPC, linearity distribution and PV value

    I would like to get advice on what is the relationship between SPC, linearity distribution and PV value. How to decide to have SPC monitoring and which point is necessary for SPC monitoring?

  • IATF 16949 Certificate

    Our product is GPS Tracker, but we only focus on designing only and outsource our production to outside manufacturer recently, our customer requires us IATF 16949 Certificate and we are planning to apply for that, however, I haven't had ISO Certificate So should we apply for ISO first, the IATF?

  • Evidence of failure of the error-proof device

    How can I evidence the failure test of the error-proof devices?

  • Quality Manual best approach

    During our Stage 1 document review, our auditor said that we should consider drastically reducing the Quality Manual, which I agree with. What is the minimum size and scope that a QMS Manual should look like? For example, why should anyone document in the manual the actual standard? I have one I have put weeks into, that is blended between ISO:9001 / AS9100 / IATF16949 however it does reek of a regurgitation of the standards. What is the best simple approach?

  • IATF 16949 implementation guideline

    I want to learn all stage of IATF 16949, How I can learn and implement ıt to the production department?
  • Action taken to address risks an opportunities

    How would you go about meeting this requirement 'The effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities' as we currently have corporate Risks and FMEA for the products
  • Documents for IATF audit

    What kind of documents are needed for IATF audit for a die mold shop
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