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  • Gage R&R

    I recently completed a variable Gage R&R (per the Control Plans) for the company I work for and it failed badly (October 2018). I was requested to review old Gage R&R data dating back to 2006 and found the same Gage R&R - the 2006 Gage R&R passed. We will be submitting the 2006 Gage R&R to the TS auditor and for the time being - doing "nothing" about 2018 failed Gage R&R - perhaps review in Q2 2019. TS auditor will not be notified of the above. We received a major non-conformance last year for MSA. Does the above violate anything?
  • Product safety characteristics

    I have one query about product safety characteristic that is Anti rust oil applied for the preservation of the part is fall under product safety characteristic ? as recent we got NC about it. We are supplying loose gears to OEM,
  • Road Map for implementation of IATF 16949

    I am Looking for Job in a Company and they want me to Implement IATF 16949, earlier I had worked as MR for TS 16949, can I have the Steps and Road Map on how to proceed.
  • Why ISO/TS 16949 is changed with IATF 16949

    1. Why change IATF16949 from ISO/TS 16949?
  • FMEA training

    All members of an FMEA core team should be FMEA certified personnel or only the leader of the activity can have the specific training and the Core team just a "basic" training how FMEA works?
  • Personnel certifications

    Hello, I was wondering what is involved in getting certified for an individual on the IATF 16949 certification?
  • Compliance with special characteristics

    Hello; I just refer to the clause d) of IATF 16949 that says: compliance with customer-specified definitions and symbols or the organization’s equivalent symbols or notations, as defined in a symbol conversion table. The symbol conversion table shall be submitted to the customer if required. I didn't understand this requirement. Thank you in advance
  • Temporary change of process controls

    I am new to IATF standards and was wondering if you could help me understand the requirements for Our current process is all Plex system driven. For example, when a deviation request is approved through Plex, it will rigger QE to review and update the control plan for temporary process control with an expiration date. Once it xpires, the control plan will go back to the normal process. Our process routing also includes approved alternate presses that can be used for a given operation (e.g. stamping, finebalnking, etc.). All products manufactured thru deviation are learly identified as such. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.
  • How important is IATF for an organization

    1. How important is IATF for an organization?
  • Supplier development process

    Good morning, I am a coordinator of our QMS & the question that comes up periodically our distributors have to go through the supplier development process?
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