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  • How much time is needed before IATF 16949 certification

    Is it up to the certifying body to decided how long you must operate under IATF 16949 prior to initial certification? If so what is the typical / recommended time to collect data to show compliance?
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the processes

    Hi, we just completed out IATF audit with BVC. One of the minor NC's issued was for not having a measure of effectiveness and efficiency for everything we had defined in our quality policy manual as a "process". From our TS system we had many "processes maps" that formulated the basis of the audit plan. Our lead auditor stated that for each "process we had defined" that we needed a "measure of effectiveness and efficiency" in accordance with Mgt. Review. As a group we are having a difficult time in make a clear separation between "process" and "procedure". By count there are 21 places in the standard that state the "organization shall have a documented process", but if we define all 21 as processes that define our business, do we need all eight measures in 4.4.1? Can we define the processes of our operation and those are what we review in management review? I have searched a variety of forums but have not been able to see any clear direction of how to proceed. We are stuck on the clear line between process and procedure and how to separate. Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated!
  • Product safety in plastic part manufacturing

    I would like to ask you, how should we handle the Product safety requirement if our delivered plastic parts has not safety characteristics mentioned on the 2D drawing? In this case, the standard requirements are not applicable? We have only special characteristics, without any safety characteristics.
  • Defining the scope of IATF 16949 based QMS

    Hi Strahinja, i am not in charge of the QMS but am being affected by the new requirements of the IATF. Our company has a corporate organization for sourcing that we will be communicating to the IATF but there is confusion if all sites where people is performing their functions need to be reported as supporting sites or should we just report the corporate site where the responsible person is sitting and provide the org chart of the people sitting in different parts of the world (could even be home) or should we say we have supporting auditable functions around the world. not sure what is the practice on this cases .
  • Language of the work instructions

    Could you kindly advise, where it states in IATF 16949 that (for example in Clause operator instructions should be in the language(s) understood by the personnel responsible to follow them, does this mean that all our operator instruction need to be available in all the European languages and Asian languages as well, or is it sufficient to hold it in English only please?
  • Confidentiality in IATF 16949

    I have one question regarding the quality manual for the automotive sector...what is the standard requirements in terms of Confidentiality operation? I think that is point 8.1.2
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