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  • Required documentation vs documented process

    I'd like to know of a difference of wording "Required documentation" and " Required documented processes."
  • The procedure manual, context and interested parties

    What exactly require in procedure manual, as per clauses it is mandatory to write a procedure for all clauses? I don't understand how to make procedure manual, how to identify the context of the organization, how to identify internal n external issues and interested parties.
  • Special approval of FMEA for product safety

    What is the difference between special approval for FMEA and special approval of FMEA in my factory? We made FMEA for each product is those FMEAs enough for the clause of product safety
  • Product safety requirements when there are no such requirements

    In IATF clause -- don't understand product safety thing. We make small washers, third tier supplier, nothing to do with product safety. How do I satisfy this need? I am sure others might be in similar situation.
  • Evidence of awareness of the core tools

    Is it mandatory to maintain record of core tools awareness evidence of internal auditors?
  • Examples on various IATF 16949 topics

    Please provide us some example for below requirement.
  • Quality Manual for IATF 16949

    How to prepare Quality Manual for IATF 16949
  • Documented process vs procedure and product safety

    What is the difference between documented process and procedure? What are the requirements in Product safety? Does we need to maintain any procedure?
  • Documents required for total productive maintenance

    I want to know what specific documentation we need for Total Productive Maintenance? It's a very broad and huge topic.
  • First off/last off part validation

    Part d states: "perform first off/last off part validation, as applicable; where appropriate, first-off-part should be retained for comparison with the last-off-parts; where appropriate, last-off-parts should be retained for comparison with first-off-parts in subsequent runs
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