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  • IATF Certificate suspension

    Could you please help me with one information?
  • Additional evidences of competence

    I have read in other resources that Certification auditors will actually look for something beyond just training records as evidence of competence. We are developing Qualification Evaluation sheets that departments will complete for each team member. These should be updated yearly and of course there will be continuous training. Should this suffice for the IATF competency requirements?
  • Eligibility of IATF certification

    Hello, I want to know if a company producing raw material ( Polymers : granules) for automotive Customer is eligible for IATF standards. Thanks in advance.
  • Where to start IATF 16949 implementation

    Hello Mr. Stojanovic. I will implement IATF 16949 to my company but i don't have any experience about implementing a standard. Could you suggest me that where am i start the implementing? If i do the internal audits with question form is there any problem? Thank you.
  • Risks in HR depratment

    Please tell me what type of risk in HR department? How to analysis and what action should be taken as per IATF 16949?
  • Mandatory external training

    We are a small shop 13 people. We hold ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100:2016 and ISO/TS 16949:2009. During our upgrade to IATF 16919:2016 the only finding was there was no external training certification for internal auditors. I cannot find anywhere that states that - just demonstrate competency. Why can't we do this internally? Why must we spend thousands to get training when we have the competence to do it via self study internally?
  • Software versioning

    Looking for guidance on what IATF actually expects for versioning control on software programming. We have software for machine control where we input particular parameters and tolerances that control what the machine does to make a particular product. We save that under a product part number so that it can be reloaded next time we need to run that part number. If we change the parameters that we input to have the machine make this part number (let's say we change the pack pressure parameter) do we actually have to save the prior program, since it will no longer be needed? Thank you,
  • Content of the product safety procedure

    What are the elements to be considered to generate SOP for Product safety?
  • Product safety training

    To address in what way can I show product safety training has taken place to satisfy our LRQA visit to IATF 16949:2016 in April
  • Internal auditor competence

    How can one verify competency of internal auditors? I am a quality manager who has conducted audits for 28 years. What training do I need to take to be competent in auditing my company to IATF 16949 or conducting 2nd party audits? Do I have to take lead auditor class? I signed up for internal auditing class to IATF but do not know if that will be good enough to be considered competent. I am not confident in the IATF standard requirements.
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