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  • Restructuring Control Plan

    I am currently trying to restructure our Control Plans, and my idea is to remove all numerical values out of the control plan, and use a reference to the Parameter Annexes. Is it acceptable according to iatf?
  • Validity of Internal Auditor Certificate

    What is the validity period of the Certificate for Internal Auditor (for example acc. to ISO/TS 16949)? And what is behind that (legal basis, any norm requirement)? I mean how long (how many years) Auditor can carry internal audits?
  • Risk-based thinking in IATF 16949

    I would like to have more information regarding risk based thinking in new IATF requirement. Do you have any example to implement risk based thinking in organization? Right now I want to give awareness training to my staff regarding risk based thinking. Really need how to determine to staff which only do operation process only.
  • Updating the manual to meet IATF 16949 requirements

    How to prepare IATF Apex Manual. I have ISO TS 16949 manual, can I update it with additional change? What I do?Any one give me Apex Manual reference.
  • Supplier performance indicator

    Is it mandatory to develop the supplier performance indicators specified in IATF 16949:2016 (clause Supplier monitoring from a) to d)) for all the service suppliers used by the company (building maintenance providers, equipment maintenance providers, logistic service providers)?
  • Documenting clause

    What detail should be included when trying to interpret clause and how should be recorded?
  • Temporary change process controls

    How to cover Temporary change of process controls?
  • Documenting process to motivate employees

    The clause 7.3.2 states that the organization shall maintain a documented process to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives……, I’m not sure on how to go about this and documenting it.
  • Competence definition in IATF 16949

    Hello, in the clause 7.2 competence, I'm confused what competence really means? Is it equal to skill? An employee with the specific skill(such as CAD, excel, inspection, analyze, etc) means have competence or the competence means some what like leadership, communication, collaboration, etc ?
  • Example of Quality Policy and SPC

    Please suggest me some example for the quality policy as per IATF 16949:2016. One more thing we are polymer compounding company and i want to implement SPC online in production, how i can do this in our organisation.
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