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  • Questions on IATF 16949 transition

    Sir can please explain the following? Since Management representative designation has been taken out,
  • Product safety

    Can you give me any hints as to satisfy the standard for Product Safety?
  • IMDS requirements and IATF 16949

    In which clause of IATF 16949, IMDS requirements are coming?
  • Who can train IATF 1649 internal auditor

    Is there any requirement in the new IATF standard that your internal auditors have to be trained and certified by an exemplar certified organization?
  • Transition vs. 1st stage vs. Recertification Audit

    What is the difference between transition audit , Stage 1 audit & recertification audit?
  • Keeping records for certification audit

    For certification of IATF 16949 from third party, what duration of data will be required ?
  • Implementing product safety

    How can i implement product safety ( IATF 16949 in my QMS?
  • Employees Security Vs. Product Security in IATF 1699

    Here at Clause of IATF, we got the difficulty to translate standard requirement. Obviously, huge different between TS and IATF in terms of definition and there are in different direction, “Employees Security” Vs. “Product Security”.
  • Restructuring Control Plan

    I am currently trying to restructure our Control Plans, and my idea is to remove all numerical values out of the control plan, and use a reference to the Parameter Annexes. Is it acceptable according to iatf?
  • Validity of Internal Auditor Certificate

    What is the validity period of the Certificate for Internal Auditor (for example acc. to ISO/TS 16949)? And what is behind that (legal basis, any norm requirement)? I mean how long (how many years) Auditor can carry internal audits?
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