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  • Standardized Work

    Just curious if you had any feedback on this new requirement . Mainly section C, how are organizations going to meet this requirement, especially if they have multiple nationalities?
  • Making IATF 16949 transition using documentation templates

    The company I work for is going to have to make the transition to IATF 16949, but has a QMS that has heavily degraded over the years. I just started her in February of this year, and still struggle to find missing pieces of the existing system. I came across "Pre-Built" Quality Systems for purchase that can be modified to suit the company. A big part of me is tempted to buy one as it will save me a lot of time. What are your thoughts on something like this?
  • Defining context of the organization in IATF 16949

    Our is carbon black producing plant, going for IATF 16949 . How can I write on context of organisation?
  • Modification of the Quality Manual in IATF 16949

    I want to know about the modifications needed, Quality Manual modification from TS 16949 to IATF 16949.
  • Mandatory documents and risks and opportunities in processes

    I would like to know which are mandatory procedures required to IATF 16949. Also would like to know how to identify risk and opportunity in the processes.
  • Retention of tooling records

    What is the meaning of "control of records shall satisfy................production part approvals ,tooling records..............shall be retained for the length of time that the product is active for production and service requirements plus one calendar year....
  • Mandatory records and retention time in IATF 16949

    Just curious is you would have an example of a list of mandatory documents required by IATF and their retention periods?
  • Making the transition to IATF 16949

    I am looking for some guidance as I am preparing our plant for IATF 16949:2016. We have certificate TS 16949:2009. We are a stamping company.
  • Quality manual in IATF 16949

    Some idea of how I will proceed for Quality Manual preparation for Quality Manual of this new standard (IATF 16949 :2016) what are the essential requirement
  • Changes in Quality Policy per IATF 16949

    We have our Quality Policy as per TS 16949:2009. We are heading for IATF standard. What are the changes I have to do in our Quality Policy?
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