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  • Customer specific requirement on Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

    Now, I get difficulties to find out what customer-specific requirement on Supplier Quality Assurance Manual besides Document or record retention and Symbol are given on Customer Drawing? Please help me with this by giving me a list of items on SQAM which need to be considered as CSR.
  • Applicable regulation in aftermarket

    My company is delivering actuators to an aftermarket equipment supplier which sells its products in XYZ. We don't have any requirements from this customer. Initially, our products are intended for home and building markets.

    1. Which regulation we are supposed to satisfy for this application?
    2. What is our legal responsibility in case of an accident or injuries of an end-user?
  • Exteranl standards for calibration lab equipment

    Are there minimum requirements for external standards for lab equipment controls (eg iso 9001, iso guide 34)

  • Product safety

    I have no idea if my product has anything got to do with product safety requirements. can I assume there is none if customer did not indicate anything in the drawing. We produce tube for wiper tank.

  • Equipment for start up and shutdown procedure

    Hello, do you have any equipment start up and shutdown procedure templates? I am not seeing anything that I think would be related to that?

  • IATF 16949 Tool tryout

    We are producing a component at TT level (tool tryout) what is tool try out regarding IATF 16949?

  • IATF 16949 vs ISO 9001 lead auditor

    I have a question specifically about IATF 16949 and becoming a certified lead auditor. It appears that your organization offering certified lead auditor training for some standards, but not for IATF 16949. Is there any particular advantage to take a class for IATF 16949 over taking an ISO 9001 certified lead auditor training and then just covering the additional requirements of IATF? I'm much more familiar with other management systems standards than I am with 16949 so I just thought I'd ask you about this. Thank you!

  • Clause 4.4.1

    Does your IATF package include the format and metrics for these 16 processes? For each of the 16 "documented processes" do I have to show a metric for that process that falls under clause 4.4.1?
  • Remote Functions

    We have a sister company who is going through an IATF approval. They can design and manufacture our products. We have been IATF 16949 approved. They have defined us a remote location. They also warehouse some product that will be made by us and shipped to them for temporary storage. Does our company need to add the sister company to our certificate as a remote function for warehousing?
  • IATF 16949 clause

    Based on clause, the organization shall perform and maintain results as specified by the customer part approval process requirement. Q: If let say our cpk value get 4.22 during the initial stage and it possible to maintain during mass production. can we request to monitor above 1.33 and get customer approval. if the customer approves, its that okay for the IATF requirement?
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