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  • Costumer Satisfaction Sheet

    How can I create a customer satisfaction sheet according to the 03 standards ISO 9001 (20015), 14001 (2015), and iso 45001?

  • Requirement for our Suppliers, Vendors


    My company already achieved ISO9001 Certificate.

    Our company have some suppliers to outsource, farmout.

    Is there any ISO requirement for those suppliers?

  • Audit Plan non-mandatory

    During my study of the iso 9001 foundation free course. I read in a quiz that the audit plan was not a mandatory document. Can you explain to me some comments about it?
  • ISO 9001:2015 version revision

    Is ISO9001 expiring Sept this year? I hear it's every 7 years a new version is issued. Is it ideal for organization and individuals to continue to certify for it since it will be withdrawn in a few months.
  • Timing requirements for quarantine areas and non conforming areas

    May i know in ISO standard, for quarantine area/non conforming area any requirement for timing? Example, how many day/week/month we can keep the nonconforming product?
  • Questions to be asked in an audit checklist

    You are conducting an ISO 9001:2015 audit in an injection moulding company (a process by which plastic components are manufactured). The next activity on your audit plan is the organization’s final product testing laboratory. Which questions should be asked in a checklist?
  • ISO 9001:2015 specific clauses

    I wish to know the audit clauses specific for: 1. Customers related process 2. Branding and Public relations 3. Business development
  • Sales and Marrketing

    Which cluases are related to the Sales and Marketing process
  • External audits

    Do we need to have a surveillance audit every year, or can we have just the re-certification audit at the end of the 3-year period? Is it possible to have only one audit for the 3 years – as a whole, rather than having it every year?
  • KPI for ISO9001

    Can you let me know How can we use KPI effectively during implementing ISO9001 in our Company?

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