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  • ISO 9001 documents for surveillance audit

    I want to ask what are documents to prepare during the surveillance audit?

  • ISO 9001 questions

    I have few questions that I required answered. As I'm new to ISO 9001 documentation part, I need your help to understand:

    1. What is the difference between issue no. & revision no.? Both are same or different?
    2. Does we need to mention both of them on all documents?
    3. List of mandatory documents which required both of them

  • ISO 9001 Competitor as a interested party

    Can a competitor be identified as an interested party?

  • ISO 9001 Evidence to support the deficiency in internal audit

    In relation to the topic you have discussed Internal Audit, is the information disclosed during the interview enough to take it as a finding, and no need to further check evidence to support the deficiency/non-compliance by the auditee? 

  • ISO 9001 Non-conformance justification

    I wonder if you could possibly help me with the following problem.

    In auditing a client’s Infrastructure function (ISO 9001:2015 clause 7.1.3) I note there is no specific requirement in the standard to retain any documentation. Would this be covered by clause 7.5.1 (b)?

    I am asking because, in the case of documentation being lacking or incomplete, is one justified in issuing a Non-conformance? According to 7.1.3, it doesn’t seem like it; but can it be issued under 7.5.1 (b) even though this specific clause is not being audited?

    Would much appreciate your thoughts on this when you have the time

  • ISO 9001 Internal adit and a legal department

    I have IMS internal audit and the legal department also included in the audit program. Which clause in the standard can refer to audit checklist questionnaires for the legal department? 

  • Mandatory status of a ISO 9001 representative

    Can you help me does the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard requires a management Representative to be formally appointed and record thereof?

  • ISO 9001 customer satisfaction questions

    1.If the assessment of customer satisfaction (according to ISO 9001:2015) by the auditee is still mandatory, even if the related procedure and records are not more mandatory?

    2.Are auditors and certification bodies simply allowed to decide to not take into account as NEEDED the customers' satisfaction assessment by the auditees?

  • Internal audit duration

    When I plan for an internal ISO 9001 audit, how long time should conducting the audit take, approximately? 
    I work in an IT company, we have development teams, sales teams, support teams...

  • Document ID

    Factory's using lots of documents, how they can put doc id? Would you please help me if any specifications?

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