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  • QMS Manager Rights

    I would like to know the rights of the QMS manager as described in QMS ?? Because the QMS manager can stop the production during the manufacturing when the operator violates the QMS procedure. Is it right?? Can you explain?
  • Determine the sequence and interaction of the processes needed for QMS

    Determine the sequence and interaction of the processes needed for QMS quality management system
  • Process Capability in ISO 9001:2015

    Is process capability analysis for the use of process control implicit in ISO 9001:2015?
  • QMS Preventive Actions

    Why according to ISO 9001:2015 the QMS doesn't consist of "Preventive actions"?
  • Certification for some of the company's departments

    I need your efforts, please. Can a big company be audited and certified with only some of its departments and the following years to be certified with the other departments? By this question, I mean that the company wants to be audited for certification only for 3-4 departments and not for the whole company's services. Is that ok ? what is your opinion on this?
  • Storing fulfilled forms

    I'm looking for information on where fulfilled forms are stored? In documentation server..only empty forms, is it right?
  • Time to implement ISO 9001

    How much time we have to spend to implement ISO 9001 successfully? What is the basis to calculate it? My company have 250 employees.  
  • Implantación SGC

    Hola, quería saber si para la implantación de un SISTEMA DE GESTIÓN DE CALIDAD, es necesario la creación de Documentos y/o Registros que no aplican con la Empresa en cuestión... Por ejemplo: es necesaria la creación del Registro de "Cambios en Propiedad del Cliente"? De antemano, muy agradecido. Saludos!
  • Expiry date of ISO 9001 Certificate

    Yesterday, I received ISO 9001 Cert from CB. In Certificate, Issue date: 19 Dec 2021 and Expiry date: 19 Dec 2024. There is something wrong, right? I think Expiry date must be 18 Dec 2024. Which one is correct Expiry date of my certificate?  
  • Instruction on how to revise a manual

    Is there in any of the management standards where specific instructions on how to revise a manual (such as a Quality manual) is given? I don't find it in ISO9001:2015, but I want to know if that is covered in any standard such as the Aerospace standard
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