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  • Risk assessment of impartiality

    We just had external audit ob ISO 17025 and is just seekings some info on risk assessment of impartiality to be done with every inspection assignments . We are sprinkler inspection group inspection systems at client sites to the design standard followed and current performance, but only Certification was via *** although we are not a lab and testing in a lab. Therefore generic examples are the same but detail we are looking for other inspection services not laborotary base who are ISO 17025 certified and how they interpret impartiality compliance?
  • Laboratory activities in Section 5 - Structural Requirements

    What are the laboratory activities in Section 5., Structural Requirements, that the 17025:2017 is referring to?
  • Inquiry: ISO 17025 accreditation of a microbiological laboratory

    Can an environmental microbiology laboratory, analyzing soil microbial communities' functional diversity (BIOLOG method) and/or microbial enzymatic assays (e.g., ß-glucosidase, phosphatase or urease activity), be ISO 17025 accredited? Since no standards are available for soil microbial functional diversity and activity, I am not sure if the lab can be accredited. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  • Validity of 17025 accreditation

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a question. Once a lab is accredited to 17025, does this expire? And are there defined time frames for external audits, eg ever other year or so? Many thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  • Control charts and trending and level IV data validation

    Our auditing body is asking for control charts and trending and level IV data validation, can you please guide us in what is the best way to compile and present this to our auditor? Thank you!
  • ISO 17025 Certification Requirements

    Hi there, I am interested in finding out what the requirements are for calibrating/ running standards on a GCMS are for ISO certification?
  • Calibration vs verification

    I hope you can help me - it's mainly for my own understanding: The laboratory doesn't do outside calibrations - so references to calibrations are deleted. I understand this. What I don't understand is that measuring instruments (eg ICP, AA, XRFs) are calibrated before use (sensitivities to elements of interest are set), not verified so why are these not included in 7.4? (or any reference to calibrations actually)
  • Are there any things in ISO 9001 not covered by ISO 17025?

    Hi, I am looking at ISO 9001. We are currently 17025 but due to spiraling costs have decided to lose the accreditation and apply for 9001. All will remain the same as to working under 17025 but we will no longer carry the badge.  I am trying to source the information for changing to iso 9001 as we are giving up our UKAS accreditation 17025. Are there any things in 9001 not covered by 17025?
  • Reporting

    1.  i) The date of the test or calibration. For geology/mineral reports, is this necessary? I know there have been some changes in reporting requirements, but if the date of testing does not affect the validity of the results, is i) necessary? 2. If deviations and abnormalities of sample on receipt are sorted out before the person delivering sample/s goes, other than saying this is this sufficient? 7.4.3 states 'Upon receipt, does the laboratory have a system to identify and record abnormalities or deviations from specified conditions?' so I'm confused
  • Mass pieces for verification of balance

    1. In another post on this subject, you say "This means you should have mass pieces that cover the range of use of the balance and have calibration certificates for the mass pieces." Does this mean that if you have mass pieces that are verified on a balance right after calibration of the balance, this is insufficient to prove 'fit for purpose'? 2. e)  The name and contact information of the customer. Is this necessary if only one client - laboratory is on mine property o) Identification of the person authorizing the report. If the report is simplified and emailed from a password protected computer, is this necessary? And finally Is any information that is not reported to the customer readily available? Does this mean that a report with above information must be available as well?
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