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  • Non-conforming work

    Hi how would you define non-conforming work and when can this happen?
  • 17025 Accreditation for Electronic Test Laboratory

    Is it possible to take 17025 accreditation for RF and Flying probe tests?
  • Temperature calibrator

    I have a temperature calibrator I need to take out of service, not to be used again.  What would be the correct way to document the decision using your toolkit?
  • CAB

    I have a very important question related to ISO standard 17025-2017. An accredited laboratory having ISO standard 17025-2017, indicating in documentation that the CAB is not doing any sampling. Explain and justify to me how this lab is not applicable for the clause 7.3 of ISO standard 17025-2017.
  • Compliance

    We manufacture a Streaming Current detector and calibrate using a 100ppm solution of a 50% solids polyamine. How can we comply with this code?
  • Difference between working instructions and procedure

    In ISO 17025 documentation, what is the difference between the working instructions and the procedure?
  • Documents for measurement systems

    Let say our lab have 2 type of measurement system, do we need to provide document for both the system? If in the future we have additional system for other measurement, do we need to reapply for the certification? By the way, the information you share with me is very useful, thanks a lot
  • Project Plan in ISO 17025 toolkit

    Hello - I purchased the ISO 17025 toolkit with extended support and have come across my first item for which I need help :) I am working on implementing the ISO 17025 documentation provided in the tool kit and am unsure if my company needs the project plan. We already have an ISO 13485 management system in place so I'm unsure if this applies.
  • Calibration program

    I have one question, that is if the lab has the calibration program for all the equipment, that enough for valid the result? Or they have to do for example PT ?
  • Is ISO 17025 accreditation needed?

    I would like to ask if an OEM company is ISO9001:2015 certified is it mandatory that they will get certification for ISO IEC 17025:2017 accreditation? if answer is No, does it affects company's accreditation to  IATF 16949?
    appreciate the help. . if you can provide other reference I would be gladly to receive it.   Thanks much.

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