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  • ISO 27001-2019

    First, please accept my apologies if there is a general email address to which to send inquiries, but looking through all the relevant correspondence I could not find any indication as to where to send questions so I am just replying here as you had specified in the email below. In any event, please feel free to redirect as you see fit and let us know if there is a specific email for inquiries moving forward.

  • ISO 27001 Objective measurement document

    I am looking for document for ISO 27001, Objective measurement. We have the toolkit and it is not there ,maybe we can get it extra?

  • ISO 27001 implementation case studies

    Are there any case studies available where ISO 27001 has been implemented successfully

  • Can ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 be used together in a document?

    In the document when we were reading through it, it said we can use it for either/or like either ISMS or BCMS. So my question is is it possible to use it for both and put the word AND between ISMS and business continuity management system?

  • Questions about documents

    First question: I was wondering if Privacy Policy document is included with the ISO 27001/22301….or if it is only included with the EU GDPR. If only included with GDPR, can I use that privacy policy for all our ISMS/BCMS needs as well?

  • Becoming an ISO 27001 consultant

    1. I am at a cross road in my 30+ year career in Accounting and I'm looking for a change. What are the requirements to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer and how can I become an independent consultant?

    2. Will your course prepare me to take the ISMS with Exemplar Global?

  • Requirement from ISO 27001 for calibration

    Is there any specific requirement from ISO 27001 for calibration?

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