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  • AS9100 Root Cause & CA

    I need examples for root cause and their corrective action associated with it
  • FAI requirements in AS9100 Rev D

    AS9100 requirement for FAI, are reference dimensions required on the FAI?
  • Auditing in AS9100 Rev D

    I was about to contact you about my interest and intention towards becoming an AS9100D Auditor. Would you mind sharing some tips with me and how you may assist me?
  • AS9100 vs AS9110 requirements

    I had flown a requirement for AS9110 to one of our potential suppliers. He phoned me and told me that his AS9100 would satisfy the requirement (per his third party auditor). The supplier was NOT the Original Equipment manufacturer. Can an AS9100 be used in lieu of an AS9110 for a NON-OEM Repair?
  • AS9100: Where to find government regulators

    Do you have a list of regulators for the Aerospace industry? If not, do you know where I can obtain the information? I've previously purchased the templates. I don't see anything about government regulators or regulation bodies at the links provided.
  • Use of customer logos in AS9100 records

    Staff at this AS9100D company have a habit of copy/pasting customers logos to company documents that will function as records. For me, it’s mind boggling that staff would freely rip logos from customer websites.
  • SOPs in AS9100 Rev D

    Kindly guide me that, SOP are allowed in AS9100D are not, IF "YES", Let me know that PRODUCTION team also has to be maintain that are not?
  • Continual improvement effectiveness

    We were recently audited for stage 1 audit for AS9100 Rev D and the auditor made a point regarding clause 10.3 - Continual Improvement.
  • Quality Objectives: Clause 6.2.1c examples

    What does it mean that the quality objectives shall take into account applicable requirements in clause 6.2.1 c , can I have some examples please?
  • ISO 9001:2015 to AS9100 Rev D transition

    I am the Internal Auditor of our small manufacturing, fabrication and polishing company that transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 using the Advisera transition toolkit. Our transition was officially certified by Perry Johnson Registrars in February 2018. Our company now has customers that are requesting that we become AS9100 certified. One of our potential customers is referring to AS9102 FAI. I am confused as to:
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