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  • SOPs in AS9100 Rev D

    Kindly guide me that, SOP are allowed in AS9100D are not, IF "YES", Let me know that PRODUCTION team also has to be maintain that are not?
  • Continual improvement effectiveness

    We were recently audited for stage 1 audit for AS9100 Rev D and the auditor made a point regarding clause 10.3 - Continual Improvement.
  • Quality Objectives: Clause 6.2.1c examples

    What does it mean that the quality objectives shall take into account applicable requirements in clause 6.2.1 c , can I have some examples please?
  • ISO 9001:2015 to AS9100 Rev D transition

    I am the Internal Auditor of our small manufacturing, fabrication and polishing company that transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 using the Advisera transition toolkit. Our transition was officially certified by Perry Johnson Registrars in February 2018. Our company now has customers that are requesting that we become AS9100 certified. One of our potential customers is referring to AS9102 FAI. I am confused as to:
  • Response to AS9100 certification NC

    We recently had a Stage Two 3rd Party audit for AS9100D. We had 3 minor Nonconformances. The auditor is trying to tell us that we need to our Corrective Actions completed and in place within 30 days. I believe this is wrong. I know we are required to have a Corrective Action "Plan" approved by the auditor, but I believe we actually have until the next Surveillance Audit to have the Corrective Action completed.
  • AS9100 Certification Fees

    If possible, can you confirm the fees required to obtain AS9100 certified. I would presume to include:
  • AS9100 Application to tanks

    When AS9100 Quality Management Systems - talks about Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations, can we understand that applies in example for war tanks?
  • AS9100 Rev D documentation

    1. Would like to know the required documents to present for registrar document review.
  • AS9100D: Do you need to reject entire lots

    A theoretical case:
  • AS9100 RevD Process Documentation

    We are new to in house processing. We just received a job that requires us to use nitrogen to press bushings. Do I have to write a process for the use of the nitrogen or would an all inclusive process be sufficient?
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