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  • AS9100 Rev D transition date

    For AS9100 Rev D which is the last date for certification?
  • Root cause analysis in AS9100D

    It is required 3 why analysis for every NC as per As9100 Rev D or we can write Root cause for NC?
  • Should you integrate AS9100

    I manage a system that supports 13485, 14001, and 9001. I’m pursuing AS9100. With the new format for 14001 and 9001, I know I can easily integrate with AS9100. Because 13485 will continue to use the 2008 format would it be easier to create two separate management systems?
  • AS9100 Elements for distributor

    We are brokers, buy, sell, lease aircraft parts, components, aircraft and engines. AS9100 certified but I cannot understand how CM is related to us. In other words I cannot understand what's relevant to our organization and are associated with configuration management, special requirements, critical items, key characteristics, and regulatory and statutory requirements are.
  • AS9100: Integrating QMS and business

    How can I integrate business process with quality management system process? (Regarding article:
  • Transition of ISO 9100 Revision C to Revision D

    I want to know how to do transaction of ISO 9100 Revision C to Revision D.
  • Who can sign a CofC in AS9100?

    We are looking to prove how our documentation tech can sign on behalf of our company a C of C in the supply of
  • Summary of changes in AS9100 Rev D

    Would you be able to put in Bullets the revisions for AS9100D.
  • Auditing AS9100D with transition training only

    I have already read these articles and my doubt is the following: Currently I´m auditor of AS9100 C, Can I audit AS9100 D if I only have a AS9100 D Awareness and Transition´s course?
  • Changes from AS9100 Rev C to Rev D

    We are upgrading our QMS from AS9100 C to D version . what is the main difference. what are the improvements we need to bring in in AS 9100 C to accomplish the AS9100D and certified by accreditation agency
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