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  • Who can sign a CofC in AS9100?

    We are looking to prove how our documentation tech can sign on behalf of our company a C of C in the supply of
  • Summary of changes in AS9100 Rev D

    Would you be able to put in Bullets the revisions for AS9100D.
  • Auditing AS9100D with transition training only

    I have already read these articles and my doubt is the following: Currently I´m auditor of AS9100 C, Can I audit AS9100 D if I only have a AS9100 D Awareness and Transition´s course?
  • Changes from AS9100 Rev C to Rev D

    We are upgrading our QMS from AS9100 C to D version . what is the main difference. what are the improvements we need to bring in in AS 9100 C to accomplish the AS9100D and certified by accreditation agency
  • AS9100D Operational Risk Management

    Our process is VERY simple in nature and is LOW tech, there are no moving parts. All of our products are made to customer specs and we DO NOT do any product development. We produce fiberglass linings for aircraft cargo holds. I am unsure as to how to deal with section 8.1.1 of AS9100D. Attached is the section from our contract review procedure that deals with risk. Is this sufficient? We have been using this for years with no objection from our auditor.
  • Updating NCRs in the OASIS database

    A new nonconformity report (NCR) has been entered in OASIS.
  • AS9100 Clause 8.1.3 - Product Safety

    We provide foam insulation as per Boeing's spec and our composite is listed on Boeing's QPL. They are no key or critical characteristics and if our product "fails" nothing will happen to the aircraft. We test every lot of product to ensure that it meets the required Boeing specs so is that enough to satisfy 8.1.3 (product safety)
  • Objective vs. KPI

    1- What is the difference / relation between objective and KPI ? 2- Is the following statement right statement? "The purpose of the KPI is to provide you with information that helps you to work out how to achieve your objectives."
  • Revision Control of AS9100 Quality Manual

    "If my Quality Manual (QMS rev K) was AS9100B and now is AS9100D should my QMS rev K (as9100C) rev to L or A (as9100D) My logic is Rev: A because Rev: A "initial release"refers to AS9100D and Rev: K to AS9100B"
  • How PDCA meets the sections of AS9100 Rev D

    I would like to have some kind of distribution chart how PDCA meets the sections of the QMS
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