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  • AS9100D Sections 9 and 10


    I am working in a company that design and produce electromechanical systems. We are trying to define our processes. My question is about identifying/choosing process. Especially it is about AS9100 sections 9 and 10. Based on the process approach, does it make sense to define measurement improvement studies (meaning that AS9100 sections 9 and10) as a process? Why?

    Thanks in advance.

  • FAI vs Design Validation?

    Is it Ok to consider FAI as a subsitute of Design Validation?

  • Machine vs process validation

    I need to know the difference between machine validation and process validation. What kind of document do we need to maintain for the same?

  • Audit scope

    Stage 1 audit complete - is it possible to slim down the scope before stage 2 in order to simplify the process

  • Acceptance media

    I am wondering if a person can use more than one acceptance media for two differentiating jobs. i.e. Having a Tech stamp and a QC stamp for the same person trained in both roles. I am currently amending the controls of acceptance media and I cannot find an answer to this in any of the standard. Thanks in advance

  • Defining job roles

    I understand the requirement and importance of defining job roles in QMS. Does the same extend to the Aircraft Certification roles within the same company, working in the same Agile system for documentation, to properly pass the AS9100 audit?

  • 2016 version vs 2018 version

    What is the difference / change between EN 9100 : 2016 version and EN 9100 : 2018 Version standard?
  • Adapting QMS from Parent Company to Subsidiary

    Adapt the quality management system according to standard en9100 of the parent company to the subsidiary that works with qms of the client. I want a very detailed procedure to migrate the system. If you can help me on this subject thank you very much.

  • Difference between AS 9100 and EN 9100

    I would like to know whether your templates are good enough for EN9100? Is there any real difference between AS9100 and EN9100?
  • AS 9100 and referencing the revision level

    In our quality policy, etc. do we have to reference the revision level of the AS9100 or can we just reference the standard alone? Our business cards are in question as well. In lieu of replacing business cards across the board, can't we just say ISO / AS?

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