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  • Enforcing the quality management system requirements

    My main question is about enforcing the quality management system requirements unto an organization that is required to adhere to them, but where almost all of the top management are negligent of these requirements.

    I've had trouble making people address internal audit findings related to their departments. Some findings that were classified as major have remained open and unaddressed for months. Constant reminder emails, personal conversations and conversations on meetings have had very little effect.

    To formulate the question, what are the possible ways and what authority can QA hold to force the organization to conform with the requirements.

  • Retaining documented information

    Wanted to ask a question relating to the AS9100, but probably is touched upon in ISO 9001 too. says “ the organization shall retain documented information as applicable:

    A: on the results of the review”

    What does that mean?

  • Aerospace and Napcap standards

    I have experience of doing internal audits to ukas and ISO standards, however I have just taken on a role of Quality Assurance lead and I think it’s probably a level up which in time will include both Aerospace and Napcap standards . With that in mind can u advise me of any guides or data that will be of benefit to me please

  • Configuration management

    In a design organization, how would configuration management look like? Is FOD clause applicable in QMS?

  • Organizational risk management

    What would be the Organization risk management for a company that is into design?

  • Record Retention

    In what procedure shall the record retention be allocated - Procedure 7 or procedure 8? Thanks

  • Becoming AS9100 expert

    How to become expert of AS9100?

  • AS9100 - defining Top Management

    Define - Top Management in section 5 of AS9100D

  • AS9100 Design and Development Outputs

    Design and Develooment Outputs:
    Clause 8.3.5.d - Does the organization ensure that design and development outputs: specifies the characteristics of products and services that are essential for their intended purpose and their safe and proper provision.
    Can you explain what this means please?

  • AS9100 internal audit report

    Is it mandatory to record all applicable clauses requirements in the internal audit report.Example (purchase process internal audit)we need to cover all clauses of purchase process as per AS9100 std and record the evidence in the audit report....if not record whether will it be a NC during in CB audit.. But we have internal audit Non conformity and action plan report....

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