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  • Guidelines for implementation

    I need to implement AS 9100 certification in our company. How to start, I need the guideline and how to prepare the procedures.

  • Adding AS9100 after implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

    Hi, We currently have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification with BSI at our manufacturing facility. We are thinking of adding AS 9100. We are willing to update our 9001 scope so it is the same as AS 9100. But is it correct in thinking if we have AS 9100 then we have 9001? Also we currently have one QMS to cover both ISO, would we need a separate QMS for AS 9100? I feel like supplier evaluation and traceability are pretty similar requirements of AS 9100 and ISO 13485. Thank you for your help!
  • SOP naming conventions

    Our current SOPs are structured to correlate to rev C in that the names are such as OP 7.5.2 - matching up to section 7.5.2 of rev C. The desired outcome of our update to rev D is to line up with the order of rev D as well. I am new to this project which will also include some combining, updating and improving SOPs at the same time. I could use some advice moving forward on how to structure the naming conventions as should I give them all new names like OP-001 and then file them into a binder under correlating numbers of AS9100 D (like OP001 is under tab 8.5.2 Identification and traceability)?

  • Want to achieve AS9100 Rev D

    We are looking to achieve AS9100 Rev D so we can get subcontract work brought in and some company's are asking for this. Hope you can help
  • AS9100 Design Requirement Application

    1) A company has several sites all over the world. One site, in Sweden, has a design authority. They buy hours for design service from one of the American sites. This site has excluded the clause 8.3 in their scope. Should they? They work in the Swedish design system.
  • AS9100 Transfer of work

    The organization I work for sends material out for heat treating, plating, etc.…, but we DO NOT sub our process to another organization or allow another organization to send the product to our customer. All materials sent out for special processing is returned and further worked in-house. All work is also done at our one (1) location so orders are not subbed to sister facilities.
  • AS9100: Process risk vs operational risk

    What is the difference between process risks and operational risk, a clear cut understanding of RM for as 9100 rev D where we can easily differentiate between process risks and operational risks?
  • AS9100 Rev D: Material test reports

    We are currently certified to ISO9001 but are considering moving to AS9100. I am working my way through the standard and I am slightly confused regarding the section 8.4.2 Type and extent of control.
  • AS9100: Audit questions

    I am getting ready to do an internal audit and was looking for some assistance. I've established 4 categories: 1. QMS/Management Support, 2. Purchasing/External Providers, 3. Customer Order Review, and 4. Manufacturing.
  • Separating AS9100 and ISO 9001

    We are certified as and ISO 9001 and AS9100 company and have hundreds of active part numbers most of which are not used in the Aviation, Space, and Defense industries. If a part number is not used in the Aviation, Space, or Defense industries is it required to meet the AS standard?
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