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Work instructions and processes

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Work instructions and processes

I have some questions about work instructions and Processe Do work instructions have to be as detailed as example: Tie your shoes make 2 loops for bunny ears and so on, how to blow nose fold tissue in half put up to nose then blow these are very short terms too my QAR wants them to be 100 pages longs for how to blow nose Help please We are in aerospace we have procedures and work instruction, sometimes with are not in work instructions How detailed do they have to be and are work instruction and full procedures required. We all have different views when reading AS9100D
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Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.


Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.

Carlos Pereira da Cruz Oct 29, 2019

If you check the list of mandatory documentation - List of mandatory documents in AS9100 Rev D - you will see that only a few procedures are required. However, I recommend, and most organizations do it, having a set of procedures that describe: What is done; By whom; and When.

When detailed information about how to do it is needed, we use Work Instructions.

There is no universal standard way for writing Work Instructions. You can use:

- Written text;
- Drawings and diagrams like used with furniture mounting instructions;
- Sets of photos or pictures like in a comic book;
- Short movies explaining and showing how to do it;
- A mix of the above approaches.

Work Instructions should be written with effectiveness in mind. Will people understand and use it when needed? And when used will they be easy to understand? 

I try to avoid lengthy Work Instructions because people will, probably not use them.

The following material will provide you more information about documentation:

- Article - AS9100 Rev D vs. Rev C: What has changed? -
- AS9100 Knowledge base -
- Book - Applying AS9100 Rev D -

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